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Queen's Ransom, A

original title: E Tan Qun Hing Ying Hui


  • Export Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jun 13, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the export version on the German VHS by Vegas Video and the Hong Kong original version on the Hong Kong DVD by Joy Sales.

32 differences, including 2 re-cuts and
* 28x additional material in the HK version with a duration of 393 sec (= 6:33 min)
* 8x additional material in the export version with a duration of 56 sec

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.


In 1976, A Queen's Ransom was another Australian-Chinese collaboration from Golden Harvest Studios. Previously, George Lazenby, who was quite unsuccessful after his one-off 007 appearance in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, starred with Angela Mao and others in Stoner in 1974, followed a year later by The Man from Hong Kong, in which Lazenby was joined by Jimmy Wang-Yu. In A Queen's Ransom, Lazenby is reunited with Jimmy Wang-Yu and also Angela Mao. All three films are quite charmingly naïve 70's thrillers.

In addition to the original version, which in this case was produced in Hong Kong, an export version was also shot, which offers a few brief additional moments focusing on the Western stars. Conversely, various tightening interventions were made for this version, which was also released on VHS in Germany. Of course, the Asian stars had to suffer in part, but scenes that were a bit long were simply cut here and there to make them tighter. It is somewhat surprising that the HK original version offers an additional sex scene with George Lazenby. Thus, it is already foreseeable that no version clearly makes the running here.

Fortunately, the DVD premiere in Germany, which has been available since XXX, comes with both versions on the disc. TBD

Runtimes are ordered as follows: German VHS in PAL / Hong Kong DVD in PAL

Additional logos at the beginning of the HK.
Not included in cut duration/amount.

53 sec

Different opening credits after about a minute. The credit for Raymond Chow was swapped in the sequence in the process, and a separate title card was included for Germany. Otherwise English vs Chinese.

Export version on German VHSHong Kong original version

07:25 / 08:19-08:21

A short additional shot of the blond man in handcuffs.

2.6 sec

Additional material in the export version.
09:04-09:18 / 10:00

In the export version only, George and Rose are introduced at the beginning with photos, short clips and nicely lurid off-screen commentary.

+ 13.6 sec

09:46 / 10:28-10:31

Before the photo of Jimmy, you can see him diving through the water a little longer.

2.8 sec

Additional material in the export version.
09:56-10:01 / 10:41

Leeroy is introduced with photo in the export version at the beginning.

+ 5.2 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the export version.
10:12-10:25 / 10:52-11:00

The scene takes a different ending.

In the original version, the half-take is slightly longer, then toasts.

The export version has several more cuts to the other people present and thus a few additional comments.

Export version 4.8 sec longer.

10:50 / 11:25-13:01

A first scene with Jimmy and Co. on the boat. Bolo joins in and there is almost trouble, whereupon Jimmy jumps into the water.

96.1 sec (= 1:36 min)

13:44 / 15:55-16:00

There is some early tinkering with the box.

5.2 sec

15:31 / 17:47-17:48

Before Jenny gets up, there's a quick recut to Chan.

0.8 sec

Partial recut.
34:52 or 35:02-35:09 / 37:09-37:27

After Jimmy Rose flicks the top aside with his sword, a first shot of the semi-transparent wall follows. Then two shots of the two making love. But the second of these is also reinserted in the export version 10 sec later, after the cut to the outside.

Original version 10.4 sec longer

39:18 / 41:46

The first shot at the pool table starts a few insignificant frames earlier.

0.6 sec

39:31 / 42:00-42:04

When Jimmy's conditions are mentioned, he is briefly shown with Rose.

4.2 sec

39:46 / 42:19-42:24

At the end of the scene, George comments on something.

4.6 sec

Partial recut.
40:08 or 40:31-40:33 / 42:45-42:56

Chan takes longer in attaching the bug.
In between, two baddies (Myamoto) come around the corner - this brief moment is reinserted in the export version a bit later, in the middle of the shot of Chan starting the car.

Original version 9.2 sec longer

40:42 / 43:29-43:31

The two men walk away at the end for a moment longer.

2.5 sec

40:46 / 43:35-43:38

The car a little longer from behind.

3.1 sec

41:03 / 43:55-43:58

Jimmy and Jenny a little longer.

2.3 sec

Before the car explosion half a minute later, a few unimportant frames are lost.

43:57 / 46:52-46:55

The camera pans down from the man to his sword.

2.9 sec

49:30 / 52:27-54:02

While Chiang continues to talk on the phone, another woman comes into his office. There is some flirting, after which a couple of men come in. Some problems outside are brought up. For example, two hostile gangs are to duel in a diner shortly. There is also talk of gold from Cambodia.

95.3 sec (= 1:35 min)

Alternative / Additional material in export version.
61:36-61:42 / 66:08-67:05

After beating her, George "takes care" of Rose some more in the original version: he has sex with her, which she clearly enjoys. Then the phone rings and he answers it while the act is still going on.

Interesting that this is longer in the original version. With the Western actor and the sleazy sex moment, one might have expected this to be more of an addition to the export version.

In the Export version, the phone call is instead alternatively introduced with George walking dressed to the ringing phone.

original version 50 sec longer.

62:14 / 67:36-67:54

The sex act continues for a bit after the cut to Jimmy.

17.1 sec

75:41 / 81:21-81:23

There is a little earlier handling of the cannon.

2.2 sec

Additional material in the export version.
76:36-76:37 / 82:18

The export version has a short close-up of the finger on the switch.

+ 0.9 sec

Additional material in the export version.
76:49-76:50 / 82:30

And again, in the middle of the shot of Myamoto.

+ 0.9 sec

77:44 / 83:24-83:31

More swim shots.

7 sec

81:59 / 87:46-87:50

Rose is rolling on the floor. The follow up shot of Jenny on the bridge also a moment earlier.

4.3 sec

82:43 / 88:34-88:40


5.4 sec

83:30 / 89:26-89:29

Jimmy carries Jenny across the bridge.

2.8 sec

84:22 / 90:21-90:22

Before the second shot, you can see the police officers rushing to it for the first time.

1.2 sec

84:59 / 91:00-91:01

Jimmy speaks a moment longer.

1.6 sec

85:14 / 91:16-91:33

More dialogue: Another cut to Jimmy as well as Chiang again.

16.7 sec

Alternative / Additional material in export version.
86:34-86:37 / 92:53-92:55

Alternative shots of the queen. Only in the case of the HK, she is already going inside the plane in the process.

Export version 0.7 sec longer.

Export version on German VHSHong Kong original version

Alternative / Additional material in the export version.
86:51-87:07 / 93:09-93:35

The queen waves again in the export version and two final inserts appear for this.
In the original version, the plane takes off instead and you see a few more police officers.

Original version 9.8 sec longer

Export version on German VHSHong Kong original version