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Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

original title: Children of the Corn 3: Urban Harvest


  • International Blu-rays
  • Dutch DVD
Release: Jun 27, 2020 - Author: Gozer - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The German label Capelight announced on its release of Children of the Corn 3 that it would be the first release uncut with a German audio throughout. Technically, this is almost true. They even asked the film fan community for help to get hold of the German press tape, as it is the only remaining source that is completely unabridged and dubbed in German. The press tape was helpful for the production of the Capelight release in that it helped to add German sound to the well-known scenes that were previously missing.

As it now turns out, the HD version is still missing several scenes. This affects all Blu-rays by Capelight, from the mediabook to the steelbook and the single amaray. When asked, the label stated that it had licensed the official, international HD master. A comparison with foreign Blu-rays (e. g. the British Blu-ray by 88 Films and the US Blu-ray by Echo Bridge) confirms the suspicion that there is only this one HD version, so you cannot get a more complete HD version. In the course of this comparison, fans of the film will discover that they know all the passages, as they were all part of the original version in SD resolution. Thus, they are completely included on the uncut press tape and the DVD by Kinowelt.

Apparently the film was recut for the HD restoration. The fact that this version lacks a little more than two minutes of material, but is still advertised as "uncut", should make purists quite angry. So for those film fans who want to own the really uncut version of Children of the Corn 3, the only thing left for the time being is to refrain from any HD releases.

The German Blu-ray (by Capelight) was compared to the Dutch DVD (by RCV).

17x cuts, 3 recuts, 1 mirrored scene = 123,4 sec. or approx. 2 min. 4 sec.

Capelight Blu-ray 1:30:56 (23,976 fps)
RCV NL DVD 1:28:47 (25,00 fps)
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Alternative view: 00:18:26 (no time difference)

The two shots of Amanda running into the bathroom and throwing up, and coming out again, are mirrored. But this doesn't apply to her fall into the cornfield or other scenes like Amanda and William in bed or when Eli is sowing the corn.


01:20:01.014 (0.34 sec)

Teenagers are more resilient.


01:20:01,256 (1.9sec)

The baffled teenagers look around longer before Joshua and Maria come out of the corn.


01:20:11,353 (7.5 sec)

T-Loc gets up early, throws the necklace he ripped off earlier to the ground. Some teenagers get up early, a girl runs her hand through her hair. Earlier shot of Joshua and Maria in the cornfield and teenies already running out of the shot to the left.


01:20:39,168 (3.1 sec)

T-Loc is being attacked by the corn monster. The shot of frightened teenagers starts much earlier. T-Loc is pulled down further, the earthquake begins, the building is faded in. Now comes the second shot of the teenagers. On the Blu-ray, this is the first and only one, and the fade-in on the legs of the refugees is missing.


01:20:51,393 (9.3 sec)

The teenagers run off, a door to the inside of the building is shown. The corn monster rises from the ground, teenagers run towards the camera. A tentacle of the corn monster blocks the door. The teenies are faded in 3 frames later.


01:21:17:335 (9.4 sec)

Joshua runs to the girl on the ground, who is held by tendrils on her legs.
He kneels to her and tries to free her. The corn monster is faded in, Joshua gets up and shakes blood from his hands. Here, the Capelight Blu-ray fades in again.


01:21:18,999 (0.9 sec)

Before Joshua's attempt to free himself is faded over to the corn field, a short shot of the corn monster's lower abdomen is shown.


01:21:54,581 (6.8 sec)

You see the impaled young man 3 frames longer. Before the girl with the tendril is blinded by the head, another 3 tendrils shoot out of the ground. We see a dark blonde girl with a large wound across her face. Several teenies are running around in the background in panic. Another girl writhes, tied to the ground by tendrils. The girl, with the tendril across her head, comes in 3 frames later.


01:21:57,334 (11.9 sec)

After the boy with a white shirt collar pushes another fleeing boy to the side, he tries to climb up the pipe on the wall. Another boy pulls him down by his legs and climbs up himself. The corn monster is shown looking at the climbing boy. Now the Blu-ray starts again.


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