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Release: Jan 15, 2011 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Frankie - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD (R-Rated) and the German DVD (FSK 16), both released by Warner Home Video.

In order to avoid the uneconomical NC-17 Rating, throughout the orgy scenes several sex scenes have been covered by computer generated persons standing in the foreground. Therefore the movie received the R-Rating whereas the worldwide releases are probably all based on the original unedited version, like the German DVD version. Later on the Unrated Version has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in the States as well.

The movie is featured in Widescreen (1,78:1) on newer pressings, DVD and Blu-ray.

Runtime US-DVD (R-Rated) without end credits: 2:33:37 NTSC (= 2:27:20 PAL)
Runtime German-DVD without end credits: 2:27:20

6 edited scenes without a difference in time
The couple, that is having sex on the sofa, is being covered by two persons. By looking closer one can see a naked woman sitting on the sofa's backrest in front of the man with the black robe covering the girl, who is having sex, as well.
no difference in time

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated

The view of a couple having sex whilst the woman is lying on a commode is covered by two naked women.
no difference in time

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated

In the room where several couples are having sex with each other on a table whilst being surrounded by spectators, two women, that are having oral sex, are being covered by two persons: one is sitting and one is standing in front of them.
no difference in time

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated


A man is doing a woman from behind. This scene is covered by a naked woman and a guy with a black robe.
no time difference

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated


In the next room the spectators are watching a couple that is having sex. The woman is lying on the back of a kneeing man. This view is covered by two persons sitting on a bench.
no difference in time

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated


In the R-Rated version Dr. Hardford himself is covering the couple having sex. One can only see some inches of the settee. In the Unrated version he's standing on the right side. Therefore one can see the sex scene.
no difference in time

R-RatedGerman DVD/Unrated