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original title: Zhong Nan Hai bao biao


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 07, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Version, taken from the British DVD by Buena Vista, and the uncut Original Version, taken from the Japanese DVD by Geneon

- 23 cuts, 1 recut
- Total cut length: 123 sec (= 2:03 min)

These numbers do not include the credits. Small mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec are not included in this comparison.

As many others of Jet Li's movies, it received the standard treatment for its release in the USA: a completely new audio track, pseudo-modern credits and a few cuts. Besides a few dialog shortenings, some violence was removed, probably in order to achieve the R-Rating, making this version especially useless. Additionally, the storyline with the corrupt cop is missing in every export version of the movie. The US Version was also used for the UK release.

Unfortunately, the complete movie can still only be legally purchased in Japan and the DVD is too expensive, does not contain English audio or subtitles and its picture quality is also rather bad. For the US release, the movie was remastered and its picture quality improved - unfortunately along with the cuts.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
British DVD in PAL / Japanese DVD in NTSC
Logos / Credits

Different company logos and the opening credits.

US Version 2 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version

03:10 / 03:16-03:21

Alan is being hit in the back. He turns around and shoots the man with the camera. When it falls down, the gun hidden in it becomes visible.

4,6 sec

05:59 / 06:17-06:23

The murder which was mentioned in the files can be seen, blood is splattering against tarpaulin. A guard is looking surprised and a fade to white is used as a transition to a short shot of Alan.

5,7 sec

10:58 / 11:35-11:38

The two cops talk a bit longer.

2,5 sec

17:49 / 18:46-18:53

Michelle's little brother Billy excitedly talks about Alan and Charlie is making fun of him.

7,3 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions
18:25 / 19:31-19:42

The bad cop Ken can be seen on the phone.

10,8 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions
26:41 / 28:19-28:22


3,2 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions
27:53 / 29:37-29:40

Ken can be seen in the car with Michelle again.

2,6 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions
32:49 / 34:49-34:55

The elevator door closes and the camera pans to the floor indicator.

6,1 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions
33:30 / 35:38-35:42

Ken gets close to Michelle.

3,5 sec

Same Cut for all Export Versions / Recut
34:17 / 36:31-36:35 bzw 34:28-34:32 / 34:46

A shot of Ken is being being held back by 10 seconds until after Michelle enters the booth.

No difference in running time
Picture for orientation

Same Cut for all Export Versions
34:58 / 37:13-37:16

Ken approaches again.

2,5 sec

36:35 / 38:57-39:07

Another killer approaches the escalator and gets shot in slow motion. Then Alan and Michelle can be seen briefly.

9,2 sec

39:43 / 42:23-42:25

The false policeman wants to shoot again but is hit in the arm.

1,7 sec

39:46 / 42:28-42:31

He goes down and dies.

3 sec

44:29 / 47:26-47:33

The key moment of Wong's war flashback (his brother catches a bullet for him) is missing.

6,9 sec

50:05 / 53:23-53:24

The first, closer shot, in which the body can by seen bursting better, was removed.

0,6 sec

50:18 / 53:38-53:49

The bullet-proof windows are being installed inside.

10,8 sec

51:55 / 55:30-55:45

Charlie is protectively lying in bed with Billy but seems to dreams something and cuddle a bit closer. Afterwards, Alan wakes up and checks the monitor for Michelle. Everything is ok and he falls asleep again.

14,4 sec

67:46 / 72:16-72:19

Ken falls down the stairs and lands next to Michelle on the couch. Blood drops out of his mouth.

2,6 sec

67:51 / 72:24-72:33

Ken turns around, Wong shoots more ofter and hits him more ofter as well while Michelle and Billy are on the couch.

8,8 sec

78:43 / 83:53-83:55

Wong falls down, blood is running our of his mouth.

2,4 sec

81:52 / 87:12-87:13

Alan can be seen a bit longer after the hit, his wound can be seen better and some more blood is splattering around.

0,8 sec

82:22 / 87:44-87:49

Wong can be seen a few frames longer, then a first shot of Alan falling and Wong going down again.

4,5 sec

82:23 / 87:50-88:01

Alan longer, Blut running out of his mouth. Then Wong again and Alan another time.

10,2 sec


The ending credits were redone and are longer in the US Version. In the Original Version, they already start during the last shot of Alan.

US Version 110,1 sec longer

US VersionOriginal Version