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  • UK DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 06, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK DVD and the Uncut Version (German DVD by AVV)

- 7 cuts
- Length difference: 23.7 sec

Contrary to the Japanese VHS, the UK DVDs are not blurred. Nonetheless, there are a few missing scenes. The German DVD by AVV contains that Japanese VHS Version as bonus, the actual movie appears to be uncut though (probably for the first time worldwide). Since the quality of the scenes missing in UK is not as good as the rest, it is very likely that the uncut German DVD is based on the US master.

But then again, there is something quite confusing: The BBFC only lists 2 verifications of a version with almost 6 missing minutes. In other words, there is missing a lot more than on the here compared DVD. At first glance, it makes perfect sense because the BBFC has always had their issues with ninja weapons resp. lots of other genre films lack exactly those kind of scenes. To sum it up, it looks like the longer UK DVDs have never been actually rated by the BBFC - the version which lacks 6 minutes has only been released on VHS.

Time index refers to
UK DVD in PAL / German DVD in PAL
01:51 / 01:51-02:03

After the opening, a few shots of the chase are missing.

11.9 sec

06:04 / 06:16-06:18

Jump-cut when the two of them are in bed and the raid begins.

2 sec

23:24 / 23:38-23:39

Another jump-cut when the camera pans back from the black ninja while he is kicking the red one. The German DVD contains the entire shot.

0.7 sec

40:22 / 40:37-40:38

At the end of the shot, Sherri kicks the attacker's legs and he winds up on the bed.

1.4 sec

40:52 / 41:08-41:09

Slightly longer shot of Sherri fighting back on the stairs.

0.6 sec

52:30 / 52:46-52:51

Before zooming in, the entire shot of Michael fighting the red ninja is missing.

4.6 sec

52:35 / 52:56-52:59

Another missing shot.

2.5 sec

Last but not least, a little screenshot comparison to illustrate that the Uncut German DVD is based on the UK master as well: Contrary to the Japanese Version, the pubic area is not blurred. Also, there are signs of usage on the UK which are also in the black bar. This has simply been covered on the German DVD.

UK DVDGerman Uncut DVD