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In the Line of Duty IV

original title: Huang jia shi jie zhi IV: Zhi ji zheng ren


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Export Version
Release: Nov 11, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Original Hong Kong Version (included on the German DVD released by HDMV) and the Extended International Version (included on the German VHS released by New Vision).

- 1 additional scene in the international version
- Duration: 29.5 sec

(Additional differences in time result from the logo at the beginning of the movie and minor master errors which will only be listed when their runtime exceeds 0.5 seconds.)

Not many words needed for In the Line of Duty IV - it's a must-see for any Hong-Kong movie fan and definitively recommended for fans of action movies in general. Roughly 2 decades before the very successful Ip Man-movies, young Donnie Yen gave proof of his skills and as a co-star you can see Cynthia Kahn (of "Girls with Guns"-fame). The result was a 90 minute nonstop action-packed movie with a nice 80's style directed by Yuen Woo-Ping (whom you might know from old Jackie Chan movies such as "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" or as the choreographer for The Matrix). Apart from the fourth installment of the In the Line of Duty-series there are only 2 more movies that could compete with this very good sequel - In the Line of Duty 1 and 2.

The old German VHS tape included the export version. This time, the export version has not been cut like in many cases but instead extended with an additional scene. In the most countries, only the standard HK theatrical version has been released.

This additional scene can be seen right at the beginning of the movie where you get a sort of introduction to the movie where Donnie gets Cynthia as a parter against his will. This scene might let you expect a typical buddy-movie, however, the two of them don't have a rumpus with each other too often despite the involuntary team-up. Thus, you don't miss too much if you don't see this scene and one can't avoid the feeling that it was probably just created to give Western audiences something they're familiar with.

All international DVD releases (e.g. from the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, Germany and so on) "only" include the original HK theatrical version. Thus, the German VHS tape might be the only source for an uncensored version of the international extended cut; the two UK VHS tapes both include the opening scene, however, had to be cut because of the use of nunchucks; a later VHS tape released by Hongkong Legends was uncensored, unfortunately it only included the original version.

Time designations are listed as follows:
Original Version (DVD) / Extended International Version (VHS)

Thanks to forum-member Mr. White who made a copy of the German VHS tape available.
The German DVD starts with the D&B logo.

+ 21.3 sec

00:21 / 00:00-00:29

The surperior puts some documents on the table and then tells Donnie that inspector Yeung will support him during this case. Donnie asks him if he thinks that they didn't do anything thus far. The surperior declines and Donnie says that Pete and him will be able to handle the case and that a woman would probably just get in their way instead of helping them.
You shortly see Cynthia, then the boss continues by saying that no one knows Hong Kong's drug scene better than her. He adds that he thinks that Donnie's arrogance is absolutely incongruous. The latter responds by repeating that Cynthia will probably just get in their way. The surperior then says that Donnie has to do what he's told to do and that inspector Yeung will be a part of their team from now on. Donnie shortly pulls his tie and then turns away.

29.5 sec


Right at the beginning of the movie, the German DVD includes a self-made title sequence. After that you see the original (bilingual) credits.
The German VHS, however, only includes the English credits of the International Version.

The very different color filter on the second image is not the usual color of the movie!

No difference in time.

Original Version (DVD)Extended International Version (VHS)

23:03 / 23:11

A slightly longer master mistake: Richie gets ready to jump off the roof - the shot begins a few frames earlier.

+ 0.6 sec