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Vinegar Syndrome - Standard Blu-ray


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  • Cut US DVD (Troma)
  • Uncut BD (Vinegar)
Release: Apr 06, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia
The cut US DVD from Troma was compared with the uncut Blu-ray/DVD from Vinegar Syndrome.

Through a leak in a chemical factory near the town of Ravensback, a radioactive cloud leaks and a school bus full of children drives through it. Local Sheriff Billy Hart investigates the disappearance of the children and first finds only the empty school bus. He has no idea what horror awaits the inhabitants of Ravensback because the children are radioactively contaminated and can cause severe burns by embracing them. Together with John Freemont, the father of one of the contaminated girls, he confronts the nuclear threat.

The dramatic consequences of radioactive radiation are a popular topic that is taken up again and again by the production studio Troma and whereby their ecologically oriented point of view became clear at an early stage. Think for example of Toxic Avenger, in which the narrow-chested Melvin ends up in a barrel of radioactive toxic waste and becomes a nuclear superhero. Even today, the revolutionary film still far outshines current Marvel/DC productions. Class of Nuke 'Em High tells the tragic story of the first love of a young high school couple who suddenly find themselves in a nuclear disaster scenario. Children, The was produced by Carlton J. Albright and is now distributed by Troma. The music is the work of Harry Manfredini, who also contributed the soundtrack to the same year's release Friday the 13th.
The film sways somewhere between satire and serious horror-shocker, whereas the biggest show value of course is watching the children hug their parents until only a steaming pile of nuclear waste remains. Friends of low-budget/B-movie entertainment can therefore take a look without hesitation. It's worth it.

Troma released a 25th Anniversary Edtion on DVD on November 8th, 2005. Basis of the transfer might have been a somewhat worn out theatrical print, as various longer film tears suggest. Quite amusing about the DVD is the introduction of Lloyd Kaufman before the film, who interviews a Children, The "expert" in Iceland. Thanks to the interesting bonus material, including the usual Troma stupid jokes, one could be quite satisfied with the DVD.
As part of the Black Fiday Sales, the Vinegar Syndrome film was released on Blu-ray/DVD. Before the film, there is a hint that the film was reconstructed using the best materials available and that some scenes from a 35mm print had to be used. The result is amazing and leaves the Troma DVD far behind. It is remarkable that the film is available in a longer version. At the beginning of the film there is a new scene in which the Sheriff meets a waitress on a date, but he later shifts their date due to the events. The recruitment of the two village jerks in Molly's shop also takes a lot longer. The scene with the waitress runs into nowhere and therefore not absolutely necessary for the movie, but it adds a bit more to the trashy character of the movie.


Troma DVD: 90:17 min.
Vinegar Syndrome DVD: 93:26 min.

After the school bus has driven through the radioactive cloud, the Vinegar Syndrome DVD shows a new scene.

The sheriff is sitting in a diner. The waitress asks him if she can call him (the Sheriff) Billy and ask him a personal question. The sheriff agrees. Suddenly the tires of a car squeal in front of the diner as it drives away. The waitress finally asks him why he hasn't invited her on a date yet, as she would like to have a ride in his car. The sheriff wants to go out with her, but ends the sentence with Ma'am. The waitress says he should call her Sally, Sal or divorced with two children. The two of them are meeting at 10 o'clock tonight. Sally says that the food is on the house and he shouldn't be late in the evening.

The sheriff leaves the diner and gets into his car.

VS: 1:34 min.


Probably more a film tear than a cut due to the change of movie-reels:

The bodies of Joyce and the man can be seen again.

VS: 2 sec.


The Sheriff says to the two men he needs some deputies for a roadblock. He offers them 20 bucks a day, after which the two briefly consider and agree. Molly suspects it's a larger affair if the payment is so good. The sheriff asks Molly if she saw Fred (the bus driver) because he has disappeared and the school bus is on the street. Molly comes to terms with the fact that Fred himself is still half a child and that he could have made a trip with the children. He says to them that they should go and Harry is already outside. The two put the chickens on a newspaper.

The Troma DVD versionv sets in again as the two run off.

VS: 57 sec.


Film-tear: Ellen walks a bit longer through the forest.

VS: 3 sec.


After Paul runs towards his father, you can see how the sheriff drives past the car.

VS: 11 sec.


A jump-cut: The Sheriff keeps running forward and bends down.

VS: 3 sec.


After the Sheriff and John have discovered the body and the dead dog, they both drove away in the car, the Vinegar Syndrome DVD shows a new scene.

Sally waits in front of the diner for the sheriff. When he doesn't show up, she runs away. A tear runs down her cheek.

VS: 17 sec.