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  • US Blu-Ray / PG Theatrical Version
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 05, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US Blu-Ray released by Scorpion Releasing and the Scandinavian DVD released by Global Video/Scanbox.

After a successful foray, jewelry thief Lasky and his gang throw their prey in the water near a dam. Their employer Paul tells them to wait 2 months until the hype about the heist lived down. However, nobody knows that Paul installs a protection: a swarn piranhas is thrown into the water, and two of the thiefs soon learn about their brutal ways of protecting the jewelry. The group starts to mistrust each other, however, this does not influence a (at first) rather irrelevant sideplot about a photo shooting. The situation escalates when the photo team finds themselves trapped with the rest of the jewelry thiefs inside a boat and surrounded by hungry piranhas...

While the title "Killer Fish" promises a movie about clueless bathers vs. piranhas, the movie reveals to actually rather be a boring heist movie with piranhas playing a minor role. Still, the cast is pretty good: Lee Majors, Karen Black, and James Franciscus do a good job, yet they are unable to save the rather boring plot.

Now, let's talk about the US Blu-Ray. The guys from Scorpion Releasing did a pretty good job and thus far released the (almost) best version of the movie on Blu-Ray. For the first time ever the movie can be seen in a widescreen aspect ratio. All previous 4:3 releases miss out on quite a lot of the image. However, the problem about the - otherwise great - release is the fact that the studio had to resort to the censored PG Theatrical Version, which misses out on a few piranha sequences. The guys from Scorpion were not happy about releasing a censored movie, yet the scenes that were cut out apparently do not exist anymore. Apart from that, the Blu-Ray's quality is great and give the movie a very different visual appeal.

Comparison of the Image Quality:



Here you can see an FX-technician in between the tower and the transmission tower.




US Blu-Ray:: 100:31 min.
Scandinavian DVD: 97:04 min.

When Ollie gets attacked by the piranhas, a few eating sequences were cut out.

DVD: 9 sec.


Additional scenes of Ollie being eaten by the piranhas.

DVD: 28 sec.


The fish chew on Ollie's remains.

DVD: 2 sec.


The Blu-Ray shows the people on the boat again, while the DVD instead shows piranhas chewing on bones.



Blu-Ray: 2 sec.
DVD: 2 sec.