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True Romance


True Romance


True Romance

Child's Play


original title: Flashback - Mörderische Ferien


  • Regular Version
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 23, 2018 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version (German DVD) and the Uncut Version (German Pay TV).

German horror thriller Flashback (2000) was censored in German theaters and the German VHS and DVD releases are censored as well. Even back then, the label Concorde revealed that cuts were made in order to get the German "FSK 18" rating and that versions was released for home theaters as well - and not just in Germany. The French DVD for instance only contains the Regular Version as well and so do both the NL and US DVD.

However, in Austrian movie theaters, audiences got the pleasure to watch the Uncut Version. It also aired in German Pay TV which made the following comparison possible in the first place. So far, there is no home release available that contains the Uncut Version though.

Length Regular Version (German DVD): 89.24 min (in PAL / credits excluded) resp. 94.05 min (in PAL / credits included)
Length Uncut Version (German Pay TV Version): 90.20 min (in PAL / credits excluded) resp. 94.59 min (in PAL / credits included)

Time index refers to the Regular Version (in PAL).
Paul gets killed longer: He spits blood and twitches. In addition to that, there is footage that shows Jeanny and there are flashbacks of their childhood as well. In the background, Leon yells at Paul, he wants him to stop. A further shot of the pitchfork follows, blood is running through the holes in the wood.
14 sec

Subsequent to Leon saying he was up there, the remaining part of the kill is missing. Paul desperately tries to get rid of the pitchfork, he kicks and pulls as hard as he can. Jeanny grabs the sickle.
15 sec

The scene that shows Leon (accidentally) stabbing the doc is shorter in the Regular Version. In other words, the Uncut Version contains additional footage of both Leon and the stab wounds.
3 sec

Melissa gets killed longer in the Uncut Version: Starting with an additional close-up of Melissa's arm with the stickle still in it, followed by a shot of Melissa and then Jeanny. The latter pulls out the sickle, blood is leaking. Melissa puts the hand on it in order to stop the bleeding - she then wimps out in tears with pain written all over her face.
5.5 sec

Extended scene when Jeanny stabs Leon's private parts: First Jeanny, then Leon screaming in agonizing pain, followed by a pan shot to the wound. Leon has his hand on it, Jeanny pulls out the sickle.
4 sec

The scene of Leon running away (one gets to see him from behind) starts earlier in the Uncut Version: A lot of blood is leaking from his wound.
3 sec

When Jeanny stabs Leon in the chest, the camera zooms in from distance shot to close-up (the Regular Version contains the beginning of that shot as well). Leon twitches and gargles. Jeanny bends over to Leon and watches him die.
13 sec