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The Horrible Sexy Vampire

original title: El vampiro de la autopista


  • UK VHS (Mercury)
  • Export cut
Release: Nov 23, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison of the UK VHS by Mill Creek (available in Undead: The Vampire Collection) and the US Blu-ray by Mondo Macabro.

The Horrible Sexy Vampire

Every 28 years there is a gruesome series of murders around the Oblensky castle near Stuttgart. The police are at a loss and suspect Adolf Oblensky, who has recently arrived from London and inherited the castle. He himself tries to track down the culprit and has apparitions of the deceased head of the family, who asks him to release him from the vampire's curse. But can Adolf trust the apparitions or is he the culprit himself?
In theory, The Horrible Sexy Vampire contains everything that makes a genre-conforming vampire film: an old castle that houses a dark family secret, a bloodthirsty vampire, and plenty of pretty women who change or undress in complete self-indulgence. However, the spark doesn't quite want to jump over, which is on the one hand due to the more than sluggish staging and on the other hand to the rather boring rattling off of common vampire clichés. Tension hardly arises and despite some good approaches, the film is surprisingly lacking in surprises. At least the snowy locations in and around Stuttgart are nicely staged. By the way, in Germany, the film was released under the lurid title "The Vampire of Castle Frankenstein" (English translation). Of course you won't find Frankenstein in the film.

UK VHS also has some short missing bits

In the U.S., the film got the title The Horrible Sexy Vampire and ended up as public domain, which is almost equivalent to a DVD of Mill Creek. It is included in the Undead: The Vampire Collection with a moderate quality transfer. It lacks color and sharpness and there is an occasional thin horizontal bar throughout the film. At least the version is in widescreen and has only a few inconsequential missing bits.
The US Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro is a real revelation, presumably using a theatrical print as its source. The picture quality is very, very good and in addition to the English, Spanish audio is also available with optional English subtitles. Apparently the transfer had a short missing scene. Towards the end of the film, after Oblensky's coffin is closed, there is a cut to Susanne. For this, a poorer picture source was used.


Apart from that, there is little to complain about. Those who want to watch the film should therefore get the US Blu-ray.
Picture comparison:

UK VHS (Mercury):

US-Blu-ray (Mondo Macabro):


UK VHS (Mercury): 85:18 Min. (PAL)
US-Blu-ray (Mondo Macabro): 90:14 Min. (Film)


The VHS begins with the Fida Cinematografica logo.

In the Blu-ray you can see the car earlier.

UK: 3 sec
BD: 4 sec


The Blu-ray shows the woman running out of the bathroom after discovering the dead Arthur.

BD: 2 sec


Immediately after the opening credits, the man in the graveyard is seen earlier in the Blu-ray.

BD: 2 sec


The inspector runs to the car earlier.

BD: 1 sec


The waitress can be seen earlier.

BD: 1 sec


The lovers' car can be seen earlier in the Blu-ray.

BD: 2 sec


In the VHS, the shot in which Adolf goes to the public library is missing. Presumably, the German-language sign was a bit too obvious to see here.

BD: 7 sec


The opened book page is also missing from the VHS. After that, the thoughtful Adolf can be seen.

BD: 11 sec


After the coffin lid is closed, you see Susanne longer in the Blu-ray, then Adolf earlier.

BD: 4 sec


Susanne and Adolf can be seen in the car for a longer time. This is followed by another shot of the car on the road. The end credits start earlier in the Blu-ray.

BD: 10 sec


The music during black frame at the end of the movie is longer on the Blu-ray.

BD: 40 sec