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original title: Xin jing wu men


  • International Export Version
  • Original Version
Release: May 28, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the International Export Version, taken from the US DVD by Shout!, and the Original Version, taken from the US DVD by Columbia Tristar.

- 30 cuts
- Total cut length: 2203,1 sec (= 36:43 min)

Some small mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec will not be mentioned, the running time difference resulting from alternative logos is not included in the addition.

In 1976, Lo Wei wanted to establish the hitherto unknown Jackie Chan as Bruce Lee's successor by putting him in the lead of the successor to his classic Fist of Fury, New Fist of Fury. The movie continues the story of its predecessor's plot about a conflict between the Chinese and Japenese, Nora Miao is also in it again and both the rather rare fighting scenes and the acting is solid. Unfortunately, however, Jackie Chan was not suited for his role. The OV is also very long and the viewer needs to be patient because especially the first half is full of extensive dialogue and long shots of big discussion groups.

But luckily there are rental companies that are not afraid of cutting, and so another version was published just four years after the movie's first release when Jackie's star began to rise higher and higher. This version reduced the historical background and most of the plot and character development to a minimum and will be discussed here. The British DVD by Hongkong Legends and the 2013 US DVD by Shout! both only contain this shorter version. Splendid called it "International Export Version" on their current German BD, which we are going to do as well.

Missing more than 35 minutes, it can be seen that this version was cut down radically, especially in the first half, where some sequences were removed completely. The fact that Nora Miao and the other came to Taiwan as Chinese refugees is basically not mentioned and the Japanese's plans can not be really seen anymore. Additionally, some fighting scenes and violent moments have been cut here and there.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
International Export Version in NTSC / Original Version in NTSC

The Original Version (OV) starts without displaying any logos, whereas the International Export Version (IEV) shows the logos of Fortune Star and Lo Wei's production company.

+ 54,3 sec

00:54 / 00:00-06:36

The first big scene sequence is then completely missing in the short version.
Note: The opening credits, which are included in this block, were shortened on the US DVD, probably because of the Chinese letters.

1.A man (director Lo Wei) takes a walk at night with a suitcase. He meets a Japanese guard, shows his ID, passes and enter a house.
Inside, he takes a few stairs before reaching Miss Lee and the others who are hiding upstairs. There is a long discussion – the Japanese have not held their promises and destroyed the Ching Wu school. The two men want to fight, but Lo Wei says that they should flee. There is some talk about Miss Lee's choice of refuge, Taiwan, because she wants revenge and the Japanese are there as well. Then they leave.

2. A scene outside at night: Miss Lee and the others sneak to a pier, where a man waits for them. Lo Wei says goodbye and warns them that the customs in Taiwan are different than in Shanghai. When they leave, Lo Wei's companion says that he will soon also have to leave if he continues to do these things.
Wei gazes after them, the credits start.

3. Then there are some first shots of the Japanese going through the city.

396,1 sec (= 6:36 min)

The following scene, which is the first one in the IEV, features the credits in that version. It lacks, however, the audio of Jackie's introduction. He can just be seen talking to his uncle, the words are missing, however, their chat is rather irrelevant anyway and is just about the uncle's age and that he cannot keep up with Jackie anymore.

Pictures from the IEV only:

04:51 / 10:33-13:29

After Master Hong has saved Jackie from the Japanese, he originally goes away a bit longer. Jackie spits on the ground and angrily yells after him. Hung does not answer and leaves.
Meanwhile, Jackie is approached by a man and states that he is a good fighter. The man then wants to bring Jackie to his master. Jackie does not want to leave and eventually his uncle steps in and says that Jackie will appear before the man's master the next day.

Afterwards, Master Hong goes to the local police station and brings the two Japanese there. It turns out that the two were sent by the governor, they are then treated with more respect instantly and Master Hong leaves again.

Then there are first shots of the Japanese that are waiting at the shore when Chinese refugees arrive.

176,5 sec (= 2:56 min)

07:24 / 16:02-18:07

After the troubles of the immigrants, a rather long scene sequence is missing again.

Miss Lee and their companions arrive in their shelter. The fat one is happy to be able to sleep again but is criticized by Miss Lee when he complains about the Japanese too loudly. She says that they are not in Shanghai anymore and have to be careful.
Shortly afterwards, they notice that their little box Jackie stole is missing from their bag. The big man is being aggressed as the allegedly responsible person and Miss Lee asks whether they can now even perform their revenge.

125 sec (= 2:05 min)

08:54 / 19:37-28:38

Again, several scenes are missing completey. This is the biggest one of the cuts.

1. The Chinese have a secret meeting
Mr Su reports that their contact from China was arrested upon arrival. He says that it is improbable that there is a spy among them, then Master Hong speaks about the two suspicious Japanese men, which he brought to the police in the previous scene.

2. The Japanese are celebrating in a restaurant
Some states that the two Japanese are good friends of Okimura, who then appears and toasts with his allies. He briefly talks with the defector Mr Lin and then gets encouraged by Mr Shing to found a Japanese fighting school which he could lead himself. Mr Lin adds that not all of the schools are against the Japanese but goes on to state another one which they should rather keep an eye on.

3. The Chinese are exercising outside
Master Hong tells Miss Lee that this is not a traditional fighting school and that they are mainly involved in the tea and wood trade. Meister Hong äußert gegenüber Miss Lee, dass es sich um keine traditionelle Kampfschule handelt, Miss Lee asks why her grandfather wants to send her away, Master Hong talks about a few relatives which have already died during the conflict with the Japanese. Miss Lee wants to know how her grandfather can stand this, he answers that the reason is to be meek, which causes her to protest.

4. Miss Lee talks to her grandfather Mr Su
Miss Lee says that she cannot go back to Shanghai because her teacher, fiancé and the other students were killed by the Japanese. Mr Su is persistent and underlines that he is only looking out for her. He asks whether she really believes that the Japanese's weapons can be fought with Kung Fu. Master Hong tries to calm them down, but Miss Lee tries to convince Mr Su again and says that they finally have to act.
Mr Su is eventually convinced that they actually have the same convictions and that they should just wait for the right moment. He says that he is proud of her and has her luggage brought.

5. Jackie is being lead across the yeard a bit earlier

540,5 sec (= 9:01 min)

14:33 / 34:17-34:36

Master Hong and the others are standing around Jackie a bit longer, afterwards Jackie's uncle is being received earlier at Mr Su's.

19,4 sec

16:40 / 36:43-37:15

Mr Su and Jackie's uncle are talking a bit longer about Jackie. The uncle says that he should probably bring him home now. Then Jackie's mother a bit earlier.

32,2 sec

18:08 / 38:43-39:04

Jackie's mother goes around a bit longer and whimpers that she still wants to help Jackie. His uncle answers that he only needs some money for a physician so he can look ater Jackie.

20,4 sec

19:07 / 40:02-40:21

Okimura can be seen getting out of the bath tub a bit earlier.

18,2 sec

19:56 / 41:10-41:17

A bit more insignificant dialog before the next guy attacks.

6,9 sec

20:25 / 41:46-41:56

After the aforementioned guy falls into the water, Okimura goes to him and grins.

10,1 sec

20:34 / 42:05-42:52

The next opponent actually gets up again and Chen uses his mouth to throw his knife in his belly. There are some other attacks by more bad guys, which Chen deflects without effort and sometimes also quite violently.
Then first shots of Okimura's daughter practicing.

47 sec

23:08 / 45:26-45:50

A shot is a bit longer, Okimura leaves the picture. Then the fight between Okimura's daughter and one of the bad guys starts a bit earlier.

24,5 sec

24:35 / 47:17-48:29

Mr Shing answers in the same shot, he is intimitated and eventually agrees with Okimura. The dialog continues for a while, it is about Okimura accepting that the Chinese can only be convinced with violence. The two other teachers protest and says that they have not followed Okimura's invitation voluntarily. Being disrespected like this, Okimura threatens them again.

71,9 sec

27:04 / 50:59-51:10

The celebration starts a bit earlier.

10,5 sec

27:16 / 51:21-51:38

Jackie's mother talks with Mr Su, who is a bit confused by her very physical aproach to this.

16,9 sec

27:33 / 51:55-52:28

More celebration scenes. The other school's teacher congratulates as well. Su discovers Jackie in the audience and calls him and his uncle to her.

33,3 sec

28:55 / 53:50-57:06

Master Hong approaches Master Su and says that all the guests are there. Su then gives a long speech, says that he wishes for peace, that the Chinese need to do their part as well, that the schools should be fused together and generally wants more cooperation.
He then goes to his seat, from where the first shots of the show can be seen.

196,5 sec (= 3:16 min)

31:27 / 59:38-60:32

Some dialog is missing after Su mentioned the Chinese national here. Okimura asks about it and Su explains his legend. Then the play can be seen a lot earlier again and Okimura only comments that the protagonist is looking weird.

53,9 sec

33:15 / 62:20-64:19

Su insignificantly longer, then another scene with Miss Lee and the others, who are now mourning him.
Miss Lee says that she already came with revenge in her heart to Taiwan and that after Su's death the time is right to finally put their plans into action. Master Hong promises to help her establishing the school.

118,2 sec

33:43 / 64:47-65:19

More practising on the grass, the big guy commands by counting.

32,7 sec

44:03 / 75:39-76:01

Jackie gets angry earlier, but his uncle holds him back. Then more provocation by Okimura, he compares the Chinese to dogs.

21,3 sec

47:23 / 79:21-79:32

Miss Lee joyfully watches Jackie's protest march, some stills of Bruce Lee in between are probably supposed to show that she remembers him from the predecessor movie.

11,3 sec

53:53 / 86:01-86:10

After Mr Lin got on the way to arrest the rebels, Jackie's mother pretends to have stomach ache so she can leave and get away from Okimura.

8,4 sec

57:22 / 89:39-90:21

The Taiwanese general and his entourage go inside, they meet Master Hong upstairs. He reads the newspaper and does not answer any questions regarding rebels in hiding. He only says that he wants to cooperate and will gladly ask his students to come.

42 sec

59:05 / 92:04-93:05

After Miss Lee and Hong are brought away, the shot of the other Chinese sneaking out through the back door is missing. Afterwards, Miss Lee and the others are being led through the rooms a lot longer.

60,9 sec

59:24 / 93:24-93:25

Small mastering mistake.

0,8 sec

59:41 / 93:42-94:13

The questioning is a lot longer.
Mutual respect of the Japanese and Chinese is mentioned. Master Hong adds that the general has known him for years and that he certainly is not a rebel.

30,9 sec

61:44 / 96:16-97:23

After Miss Lee and Hong have been let go, a scene with Okimura and his companions is missing. He says that Taiwan might be under Japanese government, but that the resistance of the Chinese could not be broken. The Taiwanese general offers to take more radical action, but Mr Lin and Okimura say that this is not the right way to go and would only lead to another rebellion. Okimura eventually suggest that he has a plan but has to act in Mr Lin's name for it, the latter obediently agrees.

67,1 sec

63:03 / 98:42-98:50

A part of the way to the Japanese was removed.

8,4 sec

81:05 / 116:52-116:53

The sword lands in Okimura's gut in a close-up.

1,4 sec

The OV lacks the short Fortune Star mentioning at the end.

+ 5 sec