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Immortal Combat


  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 05, 2017 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The 1994 martial arts action Immortal Combat (also called Resort to Kill) starring the late ex-wrestler Roddy Piper (They Live!) and eastern action legend Sonny Chiba offers an entertaining, yet crudely constructed story with some funny dialogues. The story leads the two cops to the Caribbean where they have to stop a crime syndicate that kills talented fighters just to revive them with a somewhat magical elixir, making them almost invincible.

Immortal Combat didn’t have it easy in several countries when it comes to censorship. While it was heavily cut for the German market, the British ratings board BBFC also demanded some cuts in order for the film to be compatible to the board’s regulations regarding the usage of Asian combat weapons (see comparison). This leaves room for the US DVD to be the solution to all problems, right? Wrong. Here, nudity and some dialogues containing coarse language have been removed – a kind of censorship that is common for the US.

This revelation was possible because the new German DVD by EuroVideo puts a stop to all of this. Here, Resort to Kill / Immortal Combat is included in its entirety. And if you don’t like all too much storytelling, there’s also a bonus version called “Action Cut” that misses out on some plot scenes. If you’re a fan and live in a country where the film is available in a censored version only, then you might want to consider buying the German release.

Compared are the cut US R-Rated DVD (by Simitar) and the uncut German FSK 18 DVD (by EuroVideo).

16 cuts = 85 sec. respectively 1 minute 25 seconds

0:00:18: The sex scene between Quinn and Osato is missing. The R-Rated starts when the two are already irritated by the noise outside.
20 sec.

0:01:12: Osato is naked as he gets out of bed and into his pants.
3 sec.

0:07:40: Party guests consume cocaine and a stripper dances while uncovering her breasts.
17 sec.

0:15:44: The police chief says: "They'll beat your ass, John" and John answers: "Hey captain, it's always been my ass. I'll see ya, I'm on vacation."
11 sec.

0:19:39: John interrupts the pushy guy on the boat a little longer until he tells John: "Fuck off, asshole!"
2 sec.

0:39:08: When Karen says to John that if he thinks she’d give her camera to the soldier, the R-rated version omits her coarse line: "You're full of shit."
1 sec.

0:43:44: When J.J. says that John is in grave danger, the police chief answers: "That is metaphysical bullshit!". This line is missing in the US version.
1 sec.

0:43:52: The dialogue between J.J. and the police chief is a little longer.

Chief: "You resign and I'll fire your ass! Look, you owe me, A.J."
J.J.: "I know, but I owe him more."
4 sec.

0:54:15: John adds: "You're not listening to me, shithead!"
1 sec.

1:04:45: Yanagi just stands there sobbing and doesn’t want to fight. As a consequence, he gets screamed at: "What the fuck you're waiting for?!"
2 sec.

1:04:58: Still not wanting to fight, he receives a slap in the face and further screaming (without expletives, though): "You're supposed to be a fighter!"
3 sec.

1:05:14: Another slap, another insult: "You shit!"
2 sec.

1:09:27: We hear John cussing loudly as he is forced to cross the waterfall: "Aw, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!"
4 sec.

1:09:38: John utters another sentence that’s hardly audible. It features the word “ass”, however, which is most likely the reason for the removal.
2 sec.

1:11:04: J.J. asks again if John can’t swim and John confirms. This results in the following dialogue:

J.J.: "Are you a pussy?"
John: "A 'pussy'? What did you say to me?"
J.J.: "You're a pussy!"
11 sec.

1:16:55: John approaches, the mercenary tells him: "Hold on right there, asshole!"
1 sec.