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  • Final Director's Cut (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone
Release: Dec 12, 2020 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
45:12 min
Final DC:
After the microphone is turned off due to the angry speaker from the audience, the view falls back towards the committee.
Chairman #1: "The Hamilton Investors Group cannot support this proposal."
Chairman #2, addressing the Archbishop, "Your Excellency."
The further angry statement of the speaker mentioned at the beginning, which can only be heard quietly at the beginning, is played here at the beginning of the cut, but can also be heard in the "Coda" version. Here, however, it has been superimposed on the following shot.
+ 8.00 sec.

45:28 min
Final DC:
Only in the FDC is the Archbishop allowed to interrupt his speech assessing Michael's purchase into the Immobiliare with a brief pause - a slight intake of breath. So the end of the shot was capped here.
+ 5.00 sec.

45:36 min.
Final DC:
Wide shot of the room, the Chairman continues.
Chairman: "Subject to audit and final ratification, which must take place in Rome. Please join me in welcoming Mr Michael Corleone."
Cut to Mary in the audience, which is already beginning to clap. Then again the plenum with the clapping chairman from the front and how Michael stands up in the foreground. Within this shot, both versions then run together again.
+ 11.44 sec.

"Coda"- Version:
First, superimposed over the long shot of the hall, we hear the last remnants of Archbishop Gilday's pronouncement. Due to the previous cuts, this has been shifted a bit, but is otherwise identical in content. Then also here the chairman with his explanation that examination and ratification take place in Rome and that Michael is welcomed in the society. Here, however, the chairman is seen exclusively from the front. Again the long shot of the hall, then Michael is also allowed to stand up in the "Coda" version, but starting a few frames earlier.
11.08 sec.

45:52 min
"Coda" version:
In the "Coda" version, they now reinsert the shot of Mary at this point before cutting to the scene on the roof terrace.
3.80 sec.

45:54 min.
Final DC:
The shot of the roof terrace was shortened in the "Coda" version.
+ 2.80 sec.

45:57 min.
Final DC:
Following the final cut, part of the conversation between Michael and his daughter is now missing from the beginning of the "Coda" version.
Mary: "Tony says that I'm a front for the foundation. That you're using me to pull the strings. To get the money where you want it."
Michael looks at his daughter.
Michael: "Please."
Mary: "To shine up your public image."
The beginning of the follow-up shot has been shortened by a few more frames, and then the "Coda" version also resumes.
+ 17.24 sec.

47:46 min
Final DC:
When Don Altobello has joined Michael in the carriage, the beginning of the scene is missing from the "Coda" version.
Don Altobello, laughing, "As your family's oldest friend, I'm always chosen to bring you messages."
Cut to Michael, who now speaks up.
Michael: "Tell me, Don Altobello.
+ 12.68 sec.

54:27 min
Final DC:
The shot runs out longer in the FDC.
Mary: "What was that?"
+ 1.36 sec.

55:48 min.
Final DC:
Also, the shot in the FDC stays on Mary longer.
Mary: "I believe you."
In the episode, a few frames of the follow-up shot of Vincent were also erased.
+ 2.12 sec.

01:01:20 min.
Final DC:
As Don Altobello gets up to hurry after Joey Zasa during the meeting of the mob bosses, the shot is interrupted in the FDC by a cut to Vincent, who in turn looks to Michael.
+ 1.88 sec.

01:01:30 min
Final DC:.
Don Altobello can be seen at the door longer, speaking to Michael.
Don Altobello: "He doesn't know what he's..." Another Italian expression from him follows, then Michael gets a word in.
Michael: "No, no."
+ 8.68 sec.

"Coda" version:
Here, the shot of Don Altobello is interrupted and the part taken from above, the shot of Vincent, is inserted.
1.88 sec.

01:03:14 min
Final DC:
Michael and Vincent flee longer towards the exit. Their eyes now fall on the badly injured Don Cuneo on the ground.
Don Cuneo: "Zasa, you son-of-a-bitch..."
Cut back towards the table, with two more casualties in the hail of bullets.
+ 10.36 sec.

01:03:36 min
Conny's reaction to Michael's seizure is slightly different. Moreover, it is already clear here, exclusively in the "Coda" version, that it is a seizure due to Michael's diabetes.
Final DC:
Conny: "Michael. No. Oh my God."

"Coda" version:
Conny: "Michael. No. It's his diabetes."
No time difference

01:09:15 min
Final DC:
After Harrison's visit to the Archbishop, the Final DC shows another scene with Vincent in a conversational clinch with Al Neri.
Al: "Forget about it, Vinnie."
Vincent: "Why? It's a simple hit."
Al: "I'd love to smack Joey Zasa and then whack the fag. But it's impossible. He's always with people, in front of TV cameras in his own neighbourhood."
Vincent: "It's not impossible. It'll work for us."
Connie joins the scene.
Vincent: "Do you think he's going to let Uncle Michael survive? Would you?"
Al: "No."
Connie: "He may not survive anyway. How would you do it?"
Vincent: "I'd do it myself."
Connie hesitates, "Do it."
She now turns and gets on her knees in front of the altar to pray.
Al: "What would you need?"
Vincent: "A couple of guys."
+ 39.48 sec.

01:23:20 min
Final DC:
Only in the FDC does Michael get a visit from Don Altobello in the hospital.
Don Altobello: "Michael, you must lead another life. You have everything a man could desire. It's time for you to retire."
Michael: "I have too much responsibility."
Don Altobello: "Immobiliare?"
Michael agreeing, "Si."
Don Altobello: "It's too difficult now. You should really get out."
Michael: "What do you know about those pezzi da novanta in Italy?"
Don Altobello: "I'm too old to know anything about those new people. I must accept my age and grow my olives and tomatoes."
Michael: "We're not that old."
Don Altobello: "But you're very ill."

The Don gets up, comes running up to Michael and sits down right next to him on the other sofa.
Don Altobello: "Michael... Let me see what can be done. Let me work to make your path a little easier."
Michael: "Your friendship does that always."
Don Altobello: "That makes me happy."
Michael: "Joey Zasa. You were wrong about him."
Don Altobello: "I trust too much. That's always been my fault. Michael... treachery is everywhere."
Michael: "You still have your fingers on the strings, even now. Let's see more of each other."
Don Altobello: "Michael, in Sicily?"
Michael: "In Sicily."
Michael grabs the Don's hand and shakes it. The latter now also turns to Connie and grabs her hand as well.
Don Altobello: "In Sicilia."
+ 96.60 sec.