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Antichrist, The

original title: Anticristo, L'


  • UK DVD
  • Integral Version
Release: Jul 02, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK Version (German Free TV recording, identically equal with the UK DVD / BBFC 18) and the Integral Version (Austrian Blu-ray by Illusions)

- 12 missing scenes in the UK Version: 373.8 sec (= 6:14 min)
- 22 missing scenes in the Integral Version by ILLUSIONS: 53.8 sec

In addition to that, there are further minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each in both versions. Those have not been listed in the following comparison.

The Antichrist, shot in Italy in 1974, was obviously influenced by The Exorcist and is definately worth checking out.
In the UK, the movie is cut. Admittedly, the approx. 6 minutes of missing footage consist of almost entirely redundant dialog. Nevertheless, the UK Version is cut. And yes, there is no apparent reason for the cuts but the UK Version is still watchable.

Unfortunately, the Integral Version is not uncut either - despite the fact that footage has already been added from other (qualitywise worse) sources in order to offer the longest possible version. Anyways, the UK Version contains alsmot 1 minute of additional scenes most of which simply being redundant footage at the beginning/end of a shot but there are a few complete shots missing as well. The latter in particular should definately be in a decent Integral Version - especially since a few superfluous frame have been added in the middle of a shot (please see 93:16-93:19 / 102:31-102:36) which also explain the SD insert.

Time index refers to
UK Version (German Free TV Recording in PAL) / Integral Version (Blu-ray)
The UK Version starts with a Studiocanal logo, followed by the opening credits in English. The text on the Blu-ray is in German.
And while the title simply appears in the UK Version (with the yellow subtitles common for the German network), the Integral Version (German Blu-ray) contains some information regarding the German editing as well.

UK Version 27 sec longer

UK VersionIntegral Version

11:12 / 11:13

The shot begins slightly earlier in the UK Version.

+ 0.5 sec

11:30-11:35 / 11:31

Once again, the UK Version is longer when Ippolita is being taken across the hallway.

+ 4.6 sec

11:38 / 11:34

The subsequent shot starts slightly earlier in the Integral Version.

0.6 sec

13:34-13:37 / 13:37-13:40

The UK Version exclusively contains the shot of the maid saying something.

The comment was also on the audio track used for the German Blu-ray so getting creative was on the agenda: The subsequent shot has been looped - the result is no length difference despite some missing footage. As for the maid's comment, it is audible from the off.

no difference

UK VersionIntegral Version

15:07-15:08 / 15:13

The vision a little longer in the UK Version.

+ 1.2 sec

19:14-19:18 / 19:28

The first scene in the Integral Version that contains an insert is also in the UK Version - the subsequent shot at church starts earlier in the UK Version though.

+ 4.9 sec

20:47 / 21:01-21:28

Bishop Ascanio speaks longer with Ippolita's father Massimo: The conversation is about the cuncil of Trient which, in addition to restoring faith, is also important for spiritual life in general. Ascanio names a few saints and says equal people could still live unnoticed.

25.2 sec

22:58 / 23:44-24:48

After Dr. Sinibaldi comes up the stairs, the party starts earlier. Ippolita
philosophizes a little: She mysteriously asks if the 3 on the note in her hand made more sense in another dimension. Massimo shows up and tells her not to push it. She then offers Mariangela reading from his hand but he refuses. He says he would know soon enough.
Last but not least, it is being revealed that the note simply reads the false calculation "1+1 = 3".

60.5 sec (= 1:01 min)

25:24 / 27:20-27:47

Ippolita's conversation with Sinibaldi is longer: He says he could dig up incidents repressed for generations that influence the psyche simply by using some special kind of hypnosis. Ippolita is sceptical but she agrees anyway to due general interest in the deep abyss of her own psyche.

25.9 sec

31:11 / 33:49-34:25

Massimo's conversation with Sinibaldi starts earlier. He confirms he could heal Ippolita but further information about the other people living inside of her is a necessity.
A few theories are then being discussed and when Massimo steps up to the table, the versions are back in sync.

35.2 sec

33:58-33:59 / 37:19

Jump cut in the Integral Version: The shot of stubborn dog is a bit shorter - the UK Version contains the entire shot.

+ 0.5 sec

35:17 / 38:41

Slightly longer shot in the Integral Version.

0.5 sec

35:42-35:46 / 39:08

When Ippolita stabs the picture several times, the end/beginning of two shots are missing in the Integral Version.

Also indicatedd by the audio track by the way which, as a result of said cut, simply sounds off in the Integral Version.

+ 3.6 sec

37:15-37:17 bzw 37:27 / 40:41 bzw 40:51-40:53

Rather redundant footage is missing here in the Integral Version - at least at first glance... weirdly enough, the shot now intercuts the scene of half-naked Ippolita approx. 10 seconds later.

At the end of the day, the UK Version is still a little longer though.

UK Version 0.7 sec

No length difference: Almost 1 minute later, a few shots of Ippolita have an entirely different color filter in the UK Version.

Please note: Similar in e.g. minute 74/79 when the doc is getting choked by Ippolita's floating hand (please see 2nd screenshot).

UK VersionIntegral Version

44:49 / 48:33

The piano insignificantly longer in the UK Version.

+ 0.5 sec

44:55-44:57 / 48:39

In the UK Version, the shot of Filippo standing in front of the door is longer.

+ 2 sec

52:55-52:59 / 56:57

Ippolita earlier before Sinibaldi speaks with her.

+ 4 sec

57:51-57:53 / 62:02

Right before a shot added from another source, the Integral Version lacks resp. the UK Version contains a close-up of Ippolita.

+ 2.2 sec

57:59-58:02 / 62:08

A few more missing frames at the end of a sht in the Integral Version and there are further missing frames at the beginning of the subsequent high-angle shot as well.

+ 2.7 sec

62:43 / 67:01-68:25

Additional scene with Sinibaldi who promises Filippo a normal explanation. The latter on the other hand says after several scientific works and general signs she should rather be possessed by the devil. Massimo changes the subject. He wants to find a way to improve her condition. Filipo then lists some weird characteristics in order to substantiate his theory.

With this additional scene, the following one with Massimo discussing the possibillity of being possessed with Ascanio makes much more sense.

80 sec (= 1:20 min)

69:44-69:45 / 75:45

Jump cut in the Integral Version when the doc picks up the doll.

+ 1 sec

72:11-72:12 / 78:15

A few more missing frames of Ippolita floating.

+ 0.8 sec

75:02-75:04 / 81:12

When the doc hysterically runs out of the room, the Integral Version lacks a piece of it at the end.

+ 1.8 sec

75:12-75:04 / 81:21

The UK Version shows Filippo slightly longer in the hallway.

+ 0.8 sec

75:13 / 81:21-83:20

At this point, there is a longer scene missing: Filippo speaks with Massimo. He wants to help Ippolita and Massimo says he had already talked to Ascanio. He adds he wanted to fire the servant and move but Irene could stay. Filippo explains Massimo would also make some sacrifice in order to help Ippolita.

No sooner said than done: Massimo breaks up with Greta who is not happy about it. Massimo finally says he would never be as happy as he had been with her.

113.7 sec (= 1:54 min)

76:15-76:17 / 84:24

The tracking shot of the closet starts earlier in the UK Version.

+ 2.1 sec

76:29 / 84:37-84:38

Before the scissors start flying around, they kind of stop flying for a brief moment in the Integral Version.

1 sec

76:33-76:34 / 84:42

Shortly afterwards, the Integral Version lacks the very same number of frames at the end/beginning of two shots.
The German label here apparently intended to keep the audio track as it is, despite these missing frames - hence the "stopped" scissors.

+ 1 sec

76:58-77:00 / 85:08

When Filippo reaches for the knife, there are two further minor jump cuts in the Integral Version.

+ 0.9 sec

84:46 / 93:14-93:29

Sinibaldi tells Massimo he did not know what he would do if he was him. He then walks away.

14.2 sec

85:18 / 94:02-94:13

Irene prays outside.

10.3 sec

93:16-93:19 / 102:31-102:36

The shot of Ippolita is a little longer in the Integral Version, then a shot by rain - the Integral Version here obviously contains some footage from a different source right in the middle of the shot (which looks pretty similar to the UK Version by the way, as the 2nd proves).

Subsequent to an additional shot of the bursting ceiling, the UK Version contains a part of the previously described scene as well.

Integral Version 1.6 sec longer

UK VersionIntegral Version

93:21-93:32 / 102:38

The exorcism scene contains extended shots in the UK Version, right before the additional appearance of Ippolita's possessed ghost who then runs outside.

+ 10.5 sec

99:23-99:25 / 108:43

The last shot of the actual movie starts earlier in the UK Version.

+ 2.4 sec


The language of the end credits is different.

no difference

UK VersionIntegral Version