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Inbetweeners Movie, The


  • BBFC 15 / UK Theatrical Version
  • BBFC 18
Release: Feb 08, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
In the UK, the series The Inbetweeners, which produced three seasons between 2008 and 2010, was very successful. It is about the four friends Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, who to say the least do not have the best chances to get together with the girls of their dreams. After the show built up a large fanbase, it was decided to produce a movie, which was supposed to be the last chapter of their story. In it, the group goes partying in Greece while at the same time being on the lookout for "Pussay", as they say themselves.

Although all this is not very original and probably cannot compete with the more stylish (and as predictable) US comedies, the movie was a hit at the British box office. The original rating for this movie by the BBFC was a "18" rating. The studio then decided to trim down some scenes highlighted by the BBFC in order to achieve the commercially more interesting BBFC 15. The TV series received the BBFC 18 rating, too, but it is definitely more grave when the same happens to a movie in cinemas. Therefore it is from an economic point of view understandable that the studio did this.

The home cinema releases differ quite a bit. The DVD only features the BBFC 15 theatrical version, whereas the Blu-ray contains both the original BBFC 18 version and an extended cut, which is again four minutes longer. These four minutes do not give any new insights into the movie, but certainly add more material that fans of the movie will like.

Comparison between the cut BBFC 15 version taken from the DVD and the Original Version (BBFC 18) taken from the Blu-ray.

5 alterations consisting of:
2 extended scene
2 zoomed-in scenes
1 scene with alternative dialog

The BBFC 18 version runs 14,8 sec longer than the British Theatrical Version (BBFC 15).
Extended Scene
0:11:36: When Neil tells Will that he would have to pay more for his shirt, the scene goes on in the BBFC 18 verson. Here, Neil goes on to say that he had to bribe the t-shirt guy so he would make it.

Will: "What?! Why?"
Neil: "Cos I had to bung the bloke a few extra quid for him to make it."
3,28 sec

0:29:13: The repeated view of Neil pleasuring the older woman with his finger was zoomed in so the happenings are only visible from the belly upwards.
No difference in time


0:29:18: And again. At the same time, the woman stays completely quiet.
No difference in time


0:49:14: When the stripper Hector bows forward, the uncensored version shows more of his stretched butt because the theatrical version was zoomed in. On the other hand, his penis is actually larger on screen like this.
No difference in time


Alternative Dialog
0:51:39:A rude insult was replaced by a more polite insult. The c-word was used before, but maybe the rating agents did not like the agressive mood of this scene.

BBFC 15: "You're not fucking all right anywhere, you scrawny little shit."

BBFC 18: "You're not fucking all right anywhere, you scrawny little cunt."
No difference in time

Extended Scene
1:16:59: Richard tells Will a charming story about a romantic encounter with a woman he once had. The BBFC 15 version features an insignificant additional close-up of Neil due to continuity reasons.

Richard: "I was DJing at this techno club, right? And this mental emo bird comes over to me and says, "I want you to piss on me and then fuck me." So I pissed all over her."
Neil: "And then fucked her?"
Richard: "No, she was covered in piss!"
Neil: "Oh, course!"
11,52 sec