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Uncut BBFC 15 Blu-Ray Set

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  • UK TV (BBC One)
  • BBFC 15
Release: Nov 23, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the UK TV Version aired on BBC One and the BBFC 15 Blu-Ray released by Entertainment One.

The differences:

1 alternate scene = 19.5 seconds +BBFC 15-Blu-ray

Sam Hunter is part of an international as well as private spy network. After someone attempted on her life she lost her unborn child. Ever since this incident, nothing is the same anymore. She is in the dark about who wanted to kill her and she can no longer trust anyone, not even her closest friends. She continues with her work and while she does it tries to find out who lured her into the trap and tried to kill her. The highest priority for her is not to attract any attention. She has to be attentive since anyone is a possible suspect.

“Hunted” is a drama series from the UK which was written and created by author Frank Spotnitz (Akte X, Millennium). It was produced last year and aired on the British channel BBC as well as the American channel Cinemax. So far, only the 8 episodes of the first series were aried. Since the series was less successful than expected and the budget had been quite high, BBC decided not to make a second season. However, Frank Spotnitz already announced that he would use a possible second season as a reboot in order to give the charater "Sam Hunter" more depth.

Almost all episodes had to be shortened for the British television, except for episode 5 and 8. Most of the time, sex scenes or scenes with nudity were cut. Every now and then, the scenes were replaced with more harmless alternate material. The BBFC 15 DVD/Blu-ray is completely uncut in this regard, however, here and there it misses out on (rather unnecessary) sequences that are 1-5 seconds long. Why these scenes were cut can not be said.
1 min
Both versions show a different scene of Sam and Aidan storming through the door and kissing inside the room. In the US Version they put their clothes of and have sex. The UK TV Version does not show any of this. The scene fades out and you in the Blu-Ray version see a shot of the window from outside. In the TV Version you instead see Sam sleeping in her bed. Both versions are identical again when Aidan comes into the room.
TV Version: 12.5 sec
BBFC 15-Blu-ray: 32 sec

TV Version

BBFC 15-Blu-ray

57 min
In the TV Version there is a preview of the following episode.
40 sec