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Edge of Fury

original title: Lao Jia Lao Nu Lao Shang Lao


  • French DVD
  • NL VHS
Release: May 27, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the French DVD and the NL VHS

- 1 cut on the French DVD with a length of 240.6 sec (= 4:01 min)
- 6 cuts on the NL VHS with a total length of 50.9 sec

Minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each have not been lised in the foloowing comparison.

Number one copycat Bruce Li in his first "own" Eastern: In Edge of Fury (1978), he plays a guy of good nature who starts working for some crook in order to support his mom financially. But when his boss dies, he gets sucked into a turf war and despite a lot of investigating, he gets to kick some butt as well. The result is a decent movie, nothing spectacular though.

The French DVD (82 minutes) is based on the longer Export Version but it is not uncut. The sex scene in the first half of the movie is cut. The only release that contains the entire scene is the NL VHS. Also, the aspect ratio of the French DVD is 1.66:1 which means it is not the original aspect ratio.

Time index refers to
French DVD (in PAL) / NL VHS (in PAL)

Please note: If possible, the screenshots originate from the German movie role - for quality reasons.

The logo is identically equal, the subsequent opening credits are not. To be more specific, only the NL VHS contains actual credits while there are not any on the French DVD.


Missing Scene NL VHS
18:58-19:03 / 18:55

Jump cut at the beginning of the fight.

+ 5 sec

Missing Scene NL VHS
20:14-20:40 / 20:06

Both the end of Kuo's conversation (he says he would take car of it) and the entire following scene with Ah Fong and his girlfriend is missing here. The final shot of him in front of the stairway starts a little earlier as well.

+ 26.2 sec

31:55-32:08 / 31:21-31:31

Weird: The very last shot of Ah Fong and the boy outside runs with less frames per second on the French DVD - but not the entire time.

French DVD 2.4 sec longer

32:08 / 31:31-35:32

After Ah Fong grabs Shao Long, the complete shower sex scene with Jimmy and the widow is missing. At first, one only gets to see her. Then Jimmy shows up and they go the bedroom. A little conversation follows, resulting in Shen wanting to ride on horses that day. After that, they do it again - reversed cowgirl style.

The subsequent conversation while having a smoke afterwards is missing as well.

+ 240.6 sec (= 4:01 min)

Missing Scene NL VHS
36:06-36:10 / 39:30

Shao Lung looks up a little longer plus the widow comes downstairs a little earlier.

+ 4.2 sec

Missing Scene NL VHS
56:02-56:06 / 59:21

Another reel change: Mr. King a bit longer plus the subsequent shot stars a little earlier.

+ 4.4 sec

Missing Scene NL VHS
73:49-73:58 / 77:03

Interesting: On the French DVD, the scene with Chin and the widow is longer than it is on the NL VHS: After stabbing herself, the widow goes down a little longer and she then lies still on the couch.
In addition to that, the subsequent shot of the car starts slightly earlier as well.

+ 8.6 sec

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