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  • Theatrical Edition
  • Extended Edition
Release: Dec 02, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: TheHutt - external link: IMDB
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31:28 / 33:10-33:11

Saruman smashes his staff against his opponent's head in an additional shot in the Extended Edition.

The following shot is slightly longer in the TE (not illustrated).

Extended Edition 0,3 sec longer

34:15-34:18 / 35:57-35:58

In the previous shot identical dialog lines have been moved a little bit earlier for the Extended Edition. The end of this shot is slightly prolonged in the TE, and the next shot has been slightly zoomed in and shortened for the EE.

Theatrical Edition 1,8 sec longer

Theatrical EditionExtended Edition

34:27 / 36:07-36:40

However, this scene is considerably longer in the Extended Edition: first, Gandalf gets to finish his warning on-screen (in the TE it has been laid over a view of the mountains). Then Radagast gives his staff to Gandalf.

Radagast: "Wait. Take this. If what you say is true, then you'll need it more than I."
Gandalf: "Thank you."
Radagast: "A word of warning - it...Can be a bit dicky sometimes. You just have to twiddle with the top. I expect you'll manage."

32,7 sec

42:06 / 44:19-44:27

Another camera pan over the great host with Bard walking around.

7,5 sec

Partial recut
58:04 / 60:25-62:42

After Azog's impressive army has been revealed, there is an additional night scene with Bilbo and Bofur. Bilbo is sneaking away with the Arkenstone. Suddenly Bofur speaks to him. In the following scene Bofur shows understanding for the fact that Bilbo wants to sneak away and gives him some slack time during the shift change. Then Bilbo leaves the Lonely Mountain. In the Extended Edition, this entire scene has been moved to an earlier time.

Bofur: "You should be inside...out of the wind."
Bilbo: "No, I, uh...Needed some air. Place still stinks of dragon."
Bofur: "The elves have been moving their archers into position."
Bilbo: "Ah."
Bofur: "The battle will be over by tomorrow's Eve. Though I doubt we will live to see it."
Bilbo: "These are...Dark days."
Bofur: "Dark days indeed. No one could blame a soul for wishing themselves elsewhere. Must be near midnight. Bombur's got the next watch. It'll take a bit to wake him."
Bilbo: "Bofur, I will see you in the morning."
Bofur: "Goodbye, Bilbo."
Bilbo runs back, throws a rope over the wall and escapes.

137,2 sec (= 2:17 min)

58:43-59:10 / 63:21

After another war discussion, just before reuniting with Gandalf, Bilbo now escapes from Erebor in the TE (without having talked to Bofur) - see the last two screenshots from the previous scene.

+ 26,6 sec

66:50 / 71:01-71:58

Thorin is strolling around longer, discussing with Thranduil.

Thorin: "Why should I buy back that which is rightfully mine?"
Thranduil, to Bard: "Keep the stone. Sell it. Ecthelion of Gondor will give you a good price for it."
Thorin: "I will kill you! Upon my oath, I will kill you all!"
Thranduil: "Your oath means nothing! I have heard enough."
Both parties are preparing for battle.
Gandalf: "Thorin, lay down your arms. Open these doors. This treasure will be your death."
Balin, to Thorin: "Sire, we cannot win this fight."

57,4 sec

Digital Effect
67:21-67:25 / 72:30-72:34

Dain's Army has some additional war chariots in the Extended Edition.

No time difference

Theatrical EditionExtended Edition

Alternative scene
67:27-67:30 / 72:35-72:46

The arrival of Dain's army is shown using some alternative, more detailed footage.

Extended Edition 7,6 sec longer

Theatrical EditionExtended Edition

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