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Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut

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Cinema Paradiso

original title: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


  • Theatrical Cut Part 2
  • Director's Cut Part 2
Release: Jun 17, 2019 - Author: Der Dicke - Translator: Der Dicke - external link: IMDB
Theatrical Cut: 1:58:00
Director’s Cut: 2:47:31

This is a comparison between the internationally released Theatrical Cut and the Director’s Cut.

Both versions have been released by Arrow, firstly as the “2 Disc Collector’s Edition”, then as the “4 Disc Deluxe Edition”, on DVD in the UK, in the 16:9 (TC) and in the 14:9 format (DC) respectively.

The difference in running time amounts to 2,971 Sec = 49 Min 31 Sec. Any variation of less than 1 second has not been considered.

Part 1 of my comparison covers the "first and second acts" of the film, which show Salvatore's (or rather, Toto's) childhood and adolescence. Part 2 starts with grown-up Salvatore's return to Giancaldo for the occasion of Alfredo's funeral, thus deals with the "third act".

Parts 1 and 2 include 425 images each, going some way to illustrate the difference between the two versions. Out of the nearly 50 minutes' difference in total, the "third act" accounts for almost half an hour's worth of footage. This goes to show that the Theatrical Cut contains a mere torso of the "third act": 18 Min 37 Sec, as opposed to 47 Min 33 Sec, not counting the end credits.
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After the airport taxi has left again, Salvatore and his mother are hugging for a little longer to the sound of a voice-over. Salvatore's mother can still be heard over the next shot, just before the two of them enter through the front door.
9 Sec

Note: In the Theatrical Cut, the conversation starts once Salvatore enters the house, ca. 1:38:19.​

After Salvatore's conversation with Spaccafico, the two versions differ.


Alfredo's coffin is being lifted out of the hearse. While carrying the coffin, Salvatore notices a familiar face in the street: the village prostitute to whom he once lost his innocence. The procession makes its way into church.

TC: ​

Single shot from the moment that Alfredo's coffin is being lifted out of the hearse right up to the point at which the congregation enters the church. The latter is considerably shorter in the Theatrical Cut.

In total 15 Sec

A dinner conversation is unfolding between Salvatore and his family. It is obvious that Salvatore has not yet made up his mind as to how long he intends to stay in Giancaldo for. The phone starts ringing, which is causing Salvatore even more embarrassment.
73 Sec = 1 min 13 Sec

Additional shot of Salvatore coming across the "lion" in the derelict Paradiso.
4 Sec

Salvatore spends some more time walking up the spiral staircase to get to the projection room.
9 Sec

Salvatore orders a double whisky in a local bar. He is then being recognised by a fan who approaches him for an autograph.

As he is looking out of the window, Salvatore spots a young lady who is young Elena's spitting image. Salvatore is flabbergasted to the point of letting his whisky glass drop to the floor. The glass bursts as it hits the bar floor.

Salvatore approaches the young lady and addresses her. As soon as they are face to face, he admits his error. The young lady smiles at him before she takes her Vespa scooter for a ride. Salvatore's gaze follows her as she leaves.

In total 113 Sec = 1 Min 53 Sec

Additional shot of Salvatore watching his footage of Elena.
5 Sec

Another shot of Salvatore.​
3 Sec

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