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2.07 Blood Eagle


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 27, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
After the History Channel stopped doing real history documentaries and started focussing pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and the like) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they achieve great successes with, they also tried out (mini) series. The Drama series Vikings is one of them and throughout the first two seasons entirely satisfied its audience. In early 2015, audiences will be able to enjoy the third season.

Just as in the previous season, all episodes were aired in a censored version on American TV. Besides numerous cuts to the plot, there are also several scenes that had to be censored. All nudity was deleted and some of the violence was toned down here and there. Still, the second season is pretty uninhibited and also appears to be a little heavier in terms of violence compared to season 1.

This is a comparison between the American TV Version aired on the History Channel and the Extended Version.

Both Versions differ in 45 scenes:
27 additional scenes in the Extended Version
5 additional scenes in the TV Version
10 scenes with alternative/extended footage
2 postponed scenes
1 additional location name in the Extended Version

Overall, the Extended Version is 488.14 seconds (6:58 minutes) longer than the TV Version.
0:00 minutes
The TV Version includes a recap.
43.16 sec.

2:52 minutes
Athelstan sits down at the desk and cleans the dusty papers with a feather. When he sees king Ecbert he jumps up and apologizes. Ecbert says that he will die soon and that there are some visitors for Athelstan from his homeland. The latter replies that he no longer has a homeland. However, Ecbert hopes that he will one day name this place his home. Then he leaves.
107.28 sec.

4:41 minutes / 3:39 minutes
The TV Version at this point shows the current location's name: "Kingdom of Wessex, England".
No difference in time.

Extended VersionTV Version

6:08 minutes
Ragnar talks to the seer about Athelstan. He wants to know how he is doing and where he is. The seer says that somebody that Ragnar knows is with him. A king. In between we see Athelstan inside the cell with the desk. And a crow that sits in front of the broken window.
75.12 sec.

7:46 minutes
A shot of Floki after Helga told him that she is pregnant. She asks him if this makes him sad.
9.52 sec.

8:00 minutes
Floki is happy about it and says that Helga is the ship that will guide their children to this coast. And he is the father.
19.4 sec.

8:19 minutes / 5:33 minutes
Alternative shot of Helga/Floki.
16.2 sec. / 12.04 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

9:36 minutes
Helga: ""Torstein."
1.64 sec.

10:25 minutes
Ragnar tells both his sons the story of Quasir, a wise man who knew all the answers to questions of small children and then got stabbed by two dwarfs. At the end of the story, Ragnar gets his sons and carries them to bed. Subsequently he sits down next to Bjorn.
67.96 sec.

12:49 minutes
Bjorn looks at Aslaug.
3.08 sec.

12:57 minutes
Ragnar is shown longer.
0.48 sec.

12:57 minutes
Siggy gives the guards some money so that they leave their post. Horik is now able to visit Jarl Borg inside the dungeon. The latter hears some noises and talks about his destiny and his death. Horik gets some water for Jarl Borg to drink. The two of them talk about Ragnar, his intentions, and about what Jarl Borg would do to Ragnar if he was Jarl Borg. Horik has a present for Jarl Borg: the skull.
169.48 sec.

16:25 minutes / 9:32 minutes
The conversation between Aslaug and Siggy about the “monster baby“ was slightly altered. In the TV Version there is some alternative material of Aslaug's hands sliding through the threads.
16.92 sec. / 5.12 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

9:46 minutes
In the TV Version we now see the scene of king Horik and Jarl Borg inside the dungeon.
169.48 sec.

12:35 minutes
Subsequently we see the scene of Ragnar and the seer where they talk about Athelstan.
75.12 sec.

16:51 minutes
Ragnar watches the fight.
2.64 sec.

13:51 minutes
Rollo strikes.
0.28 sec.

18:12 minutes
Bjorn talks to Porunn about her life, hopes and dreams. However, she does not have hopes or dreams.
29.4 sec.

18:47 minutes
Aslaug watches Jarl Borg's pregnant wife.
8.6 sec.

19:22 minutes
Bjorn leans against the table and looks at Porunn. Floki suddenly appears and talks about Bjorn' beloved. The last part of the conversation (Rollo says that she is a slave and that Bjorn can have her whenever he wants) was in the TV Version put into the previous scene with Porunn.
49.76 sec.

21:54 minutes / 17:24 minutes
The beginning of the conversation between Ecbert and Aelle is different in both versions.
16.08 sec. / 21.36 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

17:49 minutes
TV Version: Aelle and Ecbert are shown longer/earlier.
3.88 sec.

22:19 minutes / 17:58 minutes
The conversation between Ecbert and Aelle was extended. In The TV Version there is some alternative footage of Aelle and of Ecbert getting up from his chair.
36.04 sec. / 7.4 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

18:15 minutes
TV Version: The slave passes Aelle.
1.4 sec.

23:51 minutes / 19:03 minutes
There's an additional frame of Ecbert. IN the TV Version we instead see Aelle slightly longer.
0.04 Sek / 0.16 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

25:01 minutes
Ecbert is shown longer.
0.36 sec.

25:02 minutes
The scene where Floki reaches for the stone starts earlier in the Extended Version.
0.8 sec.

25:33 minutes
Aelle and his daughter Judith walk along the hallway a little earlier and then up the stairs.
11.16 sec.

30:25 minutes
Floki paddles his ship to the jetty where Horik is already waiting for him. He presents a wind flag to the king. Horik is happy and shows it to his son Erlendur. Floki does not want a reward for it. Floki's offer that he would help Horik to free Jarl Borg was just a joke.
74.4 sec.

32:32 minutes / 26:18 minutes
In the Extended Version the sex scene of Rollo and Siggy is longer and more revealing.
57 sec. / 19.08 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

35:18 minutes
Ragnar says that Blood Eagle is a special punishment for people that outrageously disgruntled the gods.
20.08 sec.

42:07 minutes
Aslaug is shown longer.
1 sec.

45:41 minutes
Ragnar is shown longer.
0.8 sec.

45:56 minutes
Jarl Borg is shown longer.
0.64 sec.

46:05 minutes
Ragnar is shown earlier.
0.76 sec.

46:17 minutes / 39:02 minutes
In the Extended Version there's more blood on the wooden floor.
2.96 sec. / 2.32 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

46:30 minutes
Ragnar hits Jarl Borg in the back with a hatchet.
0.36 sec.

39:15 minutes
In the TV Version sthe blood splashes around a little earlier.
0.16 sec.

46:37 minutes
Ragnar strikes again.
1.16 sec.

46:44 minutes / 39:28 minutes
The shot of Jarl Borg was mirrored.
No difference in time.

Extended VersionTV Version

46:52 minutes
Jarl Borg is shown earlier.
0.56 sec.

46:57 minutes
Bjorn is shown longer.
1.02 sec.

46:58 minutes
Ragnar and Jarl Borg are shown earlier.
1.04 sec.

47:05 minutes
0.52 sec.

40:02 minutes
In the TV Version Rollo is shown earlier.
0.76 sec.

47:22 minutes
Jarl Borg's bloody arm is shown.
1.84 sec.

47:27 minutes / 40:06 minutes
Only the Extended Verison shows a more explicit shot of Ragnar pulling Jarl Borg's ribs from his spine.
2.2 sec. / 1.6 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

48:59 minutes / 41:38 minutes
In the Extended Version you can see the lungs on the shoulders. Not so in the TV Version.
No difference in time.

Extended VersionTV Version