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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

1.04 Beneath the Mask


  • TV-Version
  • Blu-ray-Version
Release: Oct 19, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
While the Extended Version of Spartacus: Blood & Sand Season 1 seem kind of false, some of the differences in the prequel season Gods of the Arena are a real improvement, sometimes the differences just lead to another experience. And the Extended Versions really press any buttons: there are extended plot scenes, an optimized cut and new footage, especially in the sex and nudity scenes. As violent and revealing the series was, there are some scenes that make the intention to not scare the audience away. As a result of that, alterations of any kind were made.

On Blu-ray, the uncensored and uncut version has been released. For some reason, the cover of the UK Blu-ray doesn't say the UK Version contains the Extended Version as well. One won't notice until the disc is in the player.

In total, 5 of 6 episodes have been altered. Only episode 2 has remained unchanged.
Three attacks of one of the gladiators have been added during the first fight which is why one of the opponents gets pushed against the bars.
(The scene makes more sense in the Extended Version.)
3 sec

Extended shot of the gladiator raising his arm over Ashur's head.
(Causes a better continuity with the following shot as well.)
0.5 sec

Lots of shots have been replaced during Barca's conversation with Crixus, even though the dialog remains almost unchanged. Barca is grieving because his friend and lover Auctus died in the arena - killed by Crixus. Crixus speaks longer about his life, his ancestors and his urge for glory and honor. Auctus was his first opponent and the first one he had to kill. He'll never forget him. Crixus' words actually help him a bit to deal with the tremendous loss.
Extended Version 76 sec | TV Version: 57 sec

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

The beginning of the orgy contains an additional shot. Then a slightly alternate shot.
Extended Version 12 sec | TV Version: 10.5 sec

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

Both the Extended Version and the TV Version reveal that a Roman had sex with Barca but the Extended Version is more explicit. Furthermore, the Extended Version contains a shot of his facial expression. The TV Version shows two masked people instead. The subsequent shot of the nude woman has a different aspect ratio plus and oan shot.
Extended Version 5 sec | TV Version: 4.5 sec

Blu-ray VersionTV Version

One of the guests would like to sleep with Dagan, for whom Ashur always has to translate. Of course, Dagan blows the translation again so that Dagan believes the Roman considers him the better guy but he doesn't have the slightest clue of the sex offer. So it happens that Dagan agrees to the (wrong) translation. This is in the TV Version as well but only the Extended Version contains Ashur's angry face.
3.5 sec

The guest leaves with Dagan when Oenomaus sees his wife Melitta and asks how Gannicus (who got heavily wounded in a show fight) was doing. He's not doing well. Melitta keeps walking and looks disgustedly when she runs past a couple because the woman is sitting on the man's face.
19 sec