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Final Terror, The


  • Unrated
  • US TV Version
Release: Nov 26, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version (US DVD by Eastwestdvd) and the US TV Version.

A group of park rangers incl. female entourage are on their way to free the course of a river from deadfall and branches. Unaware that a killer is living in a cabin nearby, the group gets decimated one by one.

The plot is not exactly Oscar-worthy. A group in the woods and a wood gnome taking them out one after another. That formula is pretty worn out by now and the movie sticks to it until the bitter end. The kills look pretty good though and due to the setting in the woods, it is rather atmospheric.

In the US, an extended TV Version is available. One gets to know about the biker couple's background who simply get killed in the Theatrical Version plus the TV Version contains an additional scene which shows the killer at the beginning of the movie. As usual for US TV Versions, any kind of sword has been removed. On top of that, the sex scene/kill of the couple is shorter. For those who only care about the additional footage in the US Version, the first 2 cuts are relevant. Any other alteration regards removed swear words.
The TV Version the comparison has been made with aired as part of "Commander USA's Groovie Movies" incl. commentaries by Jim Hendricks as "Commander USA".

There are incredibly valuable commerical breaks as well.


US DVD: 83:50 min. (NTSC)

The TV Version starts with a lot of opening credits. (3:38 min)

Then Laurie and her boyfriend Jimmy getting dressed after going for a swim and getting ready to departure.

The Unrated Version contains some impressions of living under a rock instead.

Unrated: 33 sec
TV: 5:30 min


In the TV Version, Laurie's dead body is lying on the ground. The killer stabs her repeatedly.

The Unrated Version contains her scream and a black screen instead. Then the title during the following scenes.

Unrated: 2 sec
TV: 7 sec


The term "ass kicked" is missing in the TV Version.

Unrated: 1 sec


Probably due to a commercial break, the TV Version lacks a shot of the people at breakfast plus the subsequent shot of the bus starts earlier.

Unrated: 4 sec


Nathaniel earlier in the Unrated Version.

Unrated: 1 sec


Missing bad language by the bus driver in the TV Version.

Unrated: 3 sec


The comment "Don't take your shit no more" is missing in the TV Version.

Unrated: 2 sec


Removed swearing when the bus gets unloaded plus the shot of the girl starts earlier.

Unrated: 6 sec


Bad language when the bus gets unloaded again.

Unrated: 17 sec


The term "Ass blown away" is missing in the TV Version.

Unrated: 5 sec


Eggar says some bad words.

Unrated: 8 sec


"Horseshit" is too bad for TV.

Unrated: 3 sec


And so is the term "Son of a bitch".

Unrated: 2 sec


The insult "You shit." is missing.

Unrated: 1 sec


The comment "Cover our ass" is missing as well.

Unrated: 2 sec


"Fuck you." is also missing.

Unrated: 1 sec


No way that "[...] stick M16 up your asshole" could be on TV.

Unrated: 9 sec


"Hey asshole" has been removed.

Unrated: 1 sec


Missing swear words during the argument.

Unrated: 3 sec


Missing swear words when they are walking away.

Unrated: 4 sec


Mising shot of the lovemaking scene.

Unrated: 5 sec


Same here.

Unrated: 2 sec


More missing footage from the love scene.

The TV Version only contains a single shot of it which is also in the Unrated Version.

Unrated: 30 sec
TV: 1 sec


The bloody blade swings upwards.

Unrated: 1 sec


The boy gets stabbed repeatedly.

Unrated: 7 sec


Probably cut due to another commercial break: The shot of the boy is longer plus the subsequent shot of the two boys starts earlier.

Unrated: 8 sec


The boys longer.

Unrated: 5 sec


Due to more bad language, a shot has been removed and anoter one is shorter.

Unrated: 4 sec


Removed swearing.

Unrated: 3 sec


Zorich throws up.

Unrated: 4 sec


The term "fucking games" has been removed.

Unrated: 3 sec


The shot of Nathaniel saying "Eggar, get your ass out here" is missing.

Unrated: 7 sec


And so is the comment "I'm gonna get that bastard".

Unrated: 2 sec


The shot of the raft is longer resp. more missing bad language.

Unrated: 2 sec


Bad Language on the boat has been removed.

Unrated: 2 sec


Bad Language in the bus has been removed.

Unrated: 2 sec


The term "goddamn" is missing.

Unrated: 1 sec


Two missing shots of the flight out of the bus is missing due to the comment "I'm fucking stuck.".

Unrated: 4 sec


The shot of Zorich using the term "long haired bitch" has been removed and so has the following "goddamnit".

Unrated: 6 sec


Missing shot due to the comment "keeping your ass here".

Unrated: 4 sec


A few missing shots of the woods, probably due to a commercial break. Boone calls for Eggar earlier.

Unrated: 24 sec


Boone earlier. No swearing this time.

Unrated: 9 sec