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original title: She hao ba bu


  • French Version
  • German DVD
Release: Aug 06, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut French DVD released by Metropolitan and the uncut German DVD released by Splendid.

- 6 cuts
- Difference in time: 734 sec (= 12:14 min)

Minor differences of less than 0.5 seconds (resulting from a faulty mastertape) were not regarded for the difference in time and whon't be mentioned in the report.

This very entertaining movie from the early career of Jackie Chan was not spared from being trimmed down worldwide. While the old German version missed out on roughly 17 minutes of footage, while the version that was first released in the USA as well as the UK missed out on roughly 5 minutes. Interestingly enough, the latter versions were cut at other parts of the movie than the German version. This report shows that the French Version was yet again cut at different parts.
Overall, this version misses out on roughly 12 minutes. Similar to the French Version of Spiritual Kung Fu most of the missing footage originates from a huge cut during the first half of the flick that takes out several (actually quite unnecessary and complicated) scenes that are not too relevant for the movie. Unfortunately, the movie also lacks two fight scenes. The second of these is especially interesting since it already hints at Jackie's style of fighting that incorporates many everyday objects - a clear highlight of the movie. Apart from that, the opening credits that include presentations of Jackie's fighting skills was trimmed down.

In all above mentioned countries (despite the USA, where another "Jackie Chan Beginnings"-double DVDs - a very recommendable series - by Shout Factory might take care of this gap) the uncut version was released later on. The versions on the new DVDs in France and the UK have a very good quality. Unfortunately, we could only use the German DVD by Splendid for this report which includes the movie only in a 4:3 letterbox versions. For this report, we trimmed the images to resemble the original aspect ratio.

Time designations are given as follows:
Old French DVD / Uncut DVD
Logos / Credits

At the beginning there are different logos. These were not considered for the amount of cuts or the difference in time.

German DVD 32.3 sec longer

French DVDUncut DVD

The following credits were translated for the French DVD. They are shown during the first scene of Jackie in front of a red background. After the sequences illustrated below the French Version shows only a few more credits. On the German DVD, there are credits until the end of the scene.

French DVDUncut DVD

00:36 / 01:08-01:11

During the credits, there is a longer freeze frame of Jackie.

2.9 sec

01:00 / 01:35-01:39

Another shortened freeze frame.

3.6 sec

01:32 / 02:11-02:15

In the French Version, the movie cuts immediately to the next sequence even though there would follow another freeze frame.

4.4 sec

01:49 / 02:32-03:27

Ditto. After that, a few action sequences - along with the corresponding credits - were cut out.

55 sec

After the rest of the opening credits, the first "real" scene of the movie only the German Version shows the original title of the movie.

French DVDUncut DVD

10:26 / 12:04-12:05

Jumpcut right before Huan Yu steals the bun.

0.9 sec

20:42 / 22:22-33:30

After Jackie made Nora smile, there is a long cut. Thus it seems as if Jackie simply goes to Lady Suen's palace. During the block of scenes that were cut out there are a few extensions about other gangs that are interested in the book as well as a few comedic scenes with the vagrant girl. Additionally, there's another fight in the restaurant.

At first, there's a missing scene inside the restaurant. Jackie comes in and sees the three killers wearing hats. After looking at each other, Jackie goes upstairs.

There he at first seems to have entered the wrong room since he finds a neatly dressed and made up woman. When he wants to leave, she introduces herself to him, saying that her name is Huan Yu. During the following conversation Jackie makes fun of her and refuses to believe the whole scene - thus Huan Yu is not able to take a look at Jackie's book. She angrily leaves the room.

Jackie stays behind with the beggar and they talk for a while. The guy talks about affairs with women of which a young girl like Jackie probably has quite a few to tell. Then he mentions a new fighting technique. They immediately start to fight and the beggar does a good job. However, Jackie is clearly doing better. In the end we get to know that the clan of beggars wants to help Jackie so that his book will not fall into the wrong hands.

Then follows another sccene where the three contract killers spread the word of Jackie's whereabouts inside the dragon clan's palace. They announce that the price for such a work will increase in the future and the leader says that they from now on will have to monitor Jackie 24/7.

Cut back to the restaurant. Huan Yu comes back down dressed in her vagrant outfit. She looks angry and sits down at another table. After she ordered, a few guys appear and want to take Jackie to Lady Suen's palace. Jackie is not interested and thus follows a nice little fight scene. Quite a few objects in the room are smashed. Jackie is constantly the best fighter and thus intimidates his opponents. They say that he could also stay and he then willingly wants to follow them. On principle Huan Yu sits back down at his table and slangs the waiter.

In the end, the sequence inside the palace starts way earlier. They lead Jackie over the courtyard. Lady Suen wears a yellow dress and approaches Jackie. The latter, however, is sceptical after sniffing for a short while, after all Lady Suen is supposed to smell great, which is not the case for this woman. In comes another woman wearing a red dress. They dispute for a while. The woman in the red dress admits that she is only interested in Jackie's book and the seal. However, she is willing to pay for it and Jackie could also choose all women in the room - including herself. Jackie says that he doesn't need anything she offered. After all, he is looking for a specific person with a mark on the shoulder. The woman wearing the red dress sends the other girls away.

Overall difference in time: 667.3 sec (= 11:07 min)

Color Filter
68:56-70:09 / 81:46-82:59

When the monk remembers the poisoning, the scenes have a red color filter on the German DVD. It's not sure whether this is correct or not, but it has to be stated that this is not the case on the French DVD.

The same thing is valid for the flashback scene during Jackie's final fight (apparently, red seems to be the flashback color on this mastertape).

French DVDUncut DVD


Only the German Version shows a final title card during the last shot. The French Version instead shows green letters in front of a black screen a few seconds later, while the German Version hints at Star TV 1993.
The latter aspect was not considered for the amount of cuts or the difference in time.

Uncut DVD 3.9 seconds longer.

French DVDUncut DVD