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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Nov 13, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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71:37 / 90:49-91:24

Further shots of the burglar climbing up the window. Superman shows up.

35.2 sec

74:53-74:55 / 94:40-94:55

Alternate shot of the girl. In addition to that, the girls has more to say to the cat in the Extended Edition: "Hey, cat. Come on, Frisky, come down! Come on down, you dumb cat. Come on. Frisky, you dumb cat, will you come down from there? Come on, Frisky, come on. Come down."

Extended Edition 13.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

75:08 / 95:08-95:18

Superman's conversation with te girl is a little longer.

Girl: "He's such a naughty cat. I always tell him not to--"
Superman: "Hold on, now. Let's not be too hard on Frisky, okay? You know something, we all get a little afraid of heights now and again."

9.8 sec

75:34 / 95:44-95:50

The pilots for the first time. One of them says: "Get a weather report from Metropolis Airport."

6.2 sec

75:51 / 96:08-96:20

Before lightning strikes, the pilots have a little chat. Apparently a reference to former US President Jimmy Carter who used to be a peanut farmer in Georgia.

Pilot 1: "No, it doesn't."
Pilot 2: "Yeah, and the old man hates bumpy, that's great. Better tell him to get rid of his drink."
Pilot 3: "The old man drinks?"
Pilot 2: "After a mouthful of peanuts, wouldn't you?"
They laugh.

12.1 sec

Partially Equal to the Director's Cut
77:10 / 97:39-100:17

After saving the plane, there is a further scene from the DC: Superman explains to his father that he had used his powers to help people. Compared to the DC, there is additional footage in the Extended Edition - four times to be exact:
DC 79:57-79:59 / 97:43-97:50

The first shot is actually a little longer in the DC but that is because Jor-El's speech begins in the off here.
However, the Extended Edition contains two additional interior shots of Jor-El giving his speech.

Extended Edition 5.6 sec longer

The Extended Edition lacks a few superfluous frames of the following shots.

81:06 / 98:57-98:58

Jor-El a little earlier before he says "Lastly...".

1.5 sec

81:26-81:29 / 99:18-99:24

During the words "Were it not for vanity, why...", the DC cuts to Superman. It makes the pause appear a little shorter. The Extended Edition on the other sticks with Jor-El.

Extended Edition 2.4 sec longer

Director's CutExtended Edition

Alternate / Recut
81:39-81:51 / 99:34-99:54

Due to recuts, the farewell is a little shorter in the DC.

The Director's Cut cuts to Superman. Jor-El then instantaneously says "My son."
The new shot of Superman ends abruptly in the middle. As a result, one gets to see Jor-El fade slowly.

The Extended Edition contains a longer shot of Jor-El and after some hesitation, he says "My son."
Then cut to Superman for the first time, followed by Jor-El fading. Then the entire shot of Superman from the DC before Jor-El fades - except it does not end in the middle here.

Extended Edition 8.6 sec longer

Director's CutExtended Edition

The entire dialog of the scene.

Jor-El: "You enjoyed it."
Superman: "I don't know what to say, Father. I'm afraid I just got carried away."
Jor-El: "I anticipated this, my son."
Superman: "You couldn't have. You couldn't have imagined..."
Jor-El: "How good it felt? You are revealed to the world. Very well. So be it. But you still must keep your secret identity."
Superman: "Why?"
Jor-El: "The reasons are two. First, you cannot serve humanity 28 hours a day."
Superman: "24."
Jor-El: "Or 24, as it is in Earth time. Your help would be called for endlessly. Even for those tasks which human beings could solve themselves. It is their habit to abuse their resources
in such a way."
Superman: "And secondly?"
Jor-El: "Second, your enemies will discover their only way to hurt you: By hurting the people you care for."
Superman: "Thank you, Father."
Jor-El: "Lastly, do not punish yourself for your feelings of vanity. Simply learn to control them. It is an affliction common to all, even on Krypton. Our destruction could have been avoided but for the vanity of some who consider us indestructible. Were it not for vanity, why, at this very moment I could embrace you in my arms, my son."

all in all 158.5 sec (= 2:38 min) compared to the Theatrical Version

Alternate / Identically Equal to the Director's Cut
77:22-77:28 / 100:29-100:47

In the Extended Edition (and also in the DC), the camera zooms out. Furthermore, Clark has a little chat with some citizen in front of the store.
Guy: "Yeah, that'll be the day, huh? I said, that'll be the day when a guy could fly, huh?"
Clark (before walking away): "Oh, I don't know. You'd be surprised."
The guy turns back around to the TV: "Yeah."

The Theatrical Version contains another shot of the shop without any dialog instead.

Extended Edition 11.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

77:44 / 101:02-101:24

Otis cleans up a little and asks Lex: "Mr. Luthor? What's a myth?"
Lex: "Something unreal. Something not quite human. Something like you, Otis."
Otis seems to be satisfied: "I'm a myth."

21.5 sec

78:30 / 102:09-102:36

Lex appears out of the water earlier at which Otis shows up with the camera: "Miss Teschmacher, you look so pretty today. I'm gonna take your picture. Smile. There you go."
At the same time, he took a picture of her.
Then Lex from the off: "Otis!"

26.4 sec

79:00 / 103:06-103:19

Another scene with Otis: Lex makes him follow while carrying the robe.

12.8 sec

80:28-80:36 / 104:47-105:10

The Extended Edition contains a conversation between the workers and Jimmy Olsen once again treats his people as bad as he is being treated by his boss Perry White.

Jimmy: "Let me tell you something, Vinnie. A good reporter doesn't get great stories, a good reporter makes them great."
Vinnie: "Oh, yeah?"
Percy from the background: "Olsen!"
Jimmy smiles at Vinnie: "Yeah. Chief wants me. Yeah, chief?"
Percy just wants his coffee: "Black, no sugar."
Vinnie laughs which is why Jimmy yells at him: "Black, no sugar! You heard him."
When Vinnie has left, Jimmy mumbles: "Sheesh."

The Theatrical Version shows Perry White in his office instead. He reaches for the Daily Planet and looks at the headline "Caped Wonder stuns city".

Extended Edition 14.9 sec longer

95:53 / 120:27-120:33

Additional dialog at the library.

Miss Teschmacher: "I said that."
Otis: "Did you say he don't drink and he don't smoke?"
Miss Teschmacher: "I said that. It was in the paper right there. I said it."

6.7 sec

98:06 / 122:47-123:20

Additional shot of the approaching car, followed by an interior shot of it - the steering wheel is moving by itself.

33.7 sec

98:06-98:13 / 123:20-123:32

Alternate take of the subsequent shot of the car.

Extended Edition 4.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

98:16 / 123:35-124:29

Lex and the others earlier at the hideout spot. They are waiting for the car to arrive.

Lex: "Mr. Otis, do you live in England?"
Otis: "L-- I don't think so, Mr. Luthor."
Lex: "Why are you driving on the left side?"
He pushes some buttons and the car switches lanes.
Lex: "Ready, Miss Teschmacher?"
She is powdering her noise in the bushes and yells angrily: "Have you ever tried running in high heels?"
Then to herself (with lowered voice): "He probably has."
She gets ready and gets out of the bushes.

54 sec

98:34 / 124:47-124:57

After the vehicle overturns, the military arrives.

9.5 sec

98:39 / 125:02-125:14

Comments regarding the crash site from the driver's cabin: "God, what a mess."
- "What the hell is this?"
- "I don't know, man."
- "Yeah, I'm gonna get a call to headquarters. See if we can get an ambulance here."

12.3 sec

99:35 / 126:10-126:32

Otis earlier. He hits his head. Then some CPR for Miss Teschmacher; "Hup! Two, three, four!"

22.4 sec

99:59 / 126:56-127:05

Before Lex gets out, Miss Teschmacher stops her savior: "Enough.Enough,enough,enough! I'm okay now. I'm okay. By the way, what did you have for lunch? Whew!"

8.9 sec

100:02-100:05 / 127:08-128:27

The Extended Edition cuts to a take from a further distance. Lex: "Somebody hurt?"
One of the military guys says: "Well, that was fast."
Lex: "Fast? When this woman's life is at stake? Let's see here..."
He bends over and asks: "You have a stretcher?"
The request "Get a stretcher" is being passed along by several people.
The one in charge asks: "Anything I can do?"
Lex: "Oh, I think you've already done it. She's gonna be all right."
Miss Teschmacher: "I don't feel too good."
Lex whispers: "Miss Teschmacher, you've done very well."
Miss Teschmacher: "I've done very well."
Lex: "I said that."

Then Otis working at the rocket again. The ambulance shows up nearby.

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot off Lex starts a little earlier instead. Lex here asks: "Somebody hurt?".

Extended Edition 75.7 sec (= 1:16 min) longer

101:19 / 129:41-132:20

After Lex attacks Otis with the words "You want to see a very, very long arm", they fight longer in the back of the car while Miss Teschmacher tries to keep the vehicle on the road. Subsequently, the military gets ready to engage - followed by the villainous trio arguing in the parking lot. Lex is still angry with Otis and Miss Teschmacher yells at him as well. Otis then gets a secnd chance and they get going.

Miss Teschmacher: "My marshmallow!"
Lex: "Leave me alone! Give me your arm, Otis. Hand it over! I'll wring your neck! I'll give you a long arm!
Otis: "I'm sorry, Mr. Luthor. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I-- I just got-- I got mixed up. It's all right. I'll go in there and fix that thing."
Lex: "It's okay, Otis, it's okay. There's another XK 101 being launched at the same time."
Miss Teschmacher: "See? There's another XK 101 being launched at exactly the same time."
Lex: "I just said that."
Otis: "No, she said there was a XK 101 being launched at exactly the same time, Mr. Luthor."
Lex: "Don't tell me that."
Miss Teschmacher: "But there is another XK 101 being launched at exactly the same time."
Lex gets more upset: "I told you not to tell me that!"
Otis: "Oh, no, no, no. Mr. Luthor, please. She didn't mean it. Miss Teschmacher-"
Lex: "Shut up in there!"
Otis: "Mr. Luthor, are you mad?"
Miss Teschmacher: "You did it again, Otis."
Otis: "Miss Teschmacher, I think you did."
Miss Teschmacher: "I know! But he didn't say exactly."
Otis: "But he always hits me!"
Next scene. They are en route.
Otis is begging: "Mr. Luthor, come on. Let me do it again. I can get it right."
Lex: "Otis!"
Otis: "I got experience now."
Lex: "Otis, how would you like the heady experience of being thrown from a moving vehicle? You want a bite of that?"

159.4 sec (= 2:39 min)

101:53 / 132:54-133:04

Pan shot from buttom to the top. As a result, one gets to see Miss Teschmacher hanging from the bridge here.

10.2 sec

102:41 / 133:52-134:18

By mentioning an insulin shot for Otis, Lex and the others manage to stall while Miss Teschmacher is working on the rocket.

Lex: "This man is a diabetic, you see. And he has to have his insulin."
One of the guys says: "What's he eating chocolate for?"
Lex: "Well, it gives him a lot of sugar."
Guy: "Yeah. All right, now listen, fellas. Back out here, go back a few miles, pull off-- Just back up, we'll open an exit."
Lex: "Can't we get past you here?"

25.9 sec

102:46 / 134:23-134:45

Jimmy Olsen takes pictures of the dam while walking around.

Please note: The shot of Jimmy is very similiar to the one from the Theatrical Version almost 10 minutes later before the desperate call to the Pentagon but it is indeed a different take.

21.6 sec

102:51 / 134:50-135:03

Two more shots of the dam and the car with Lois.

12.3 sec

102:56-102:58 / 135:08-135:39

Earlier conversation with Lois and the Indian in the Extended Edition.
Lois: "Tell me, chief, what do you think about all of this?"
Indian: "No oil, no uranium, no coal, no precious minerals. Hell, no water anymore. Not since the government dammed it all up to service those towns on the other side of the mountain. If we still had water, we would never sell our beloved land."
Lois: "Well my, uh-- My associate, Mr. Olsen is taking pictures of that dam, but (what I don't understand...)"

With her last words, the versions are back in sync - except the Theatrical Version shows Lois from a different angle.

Extended Edition 30 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

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