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The Truman Show


Scream 6

Needful Things



  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Edition
Release: Nov 13, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
39:24-39:28 / 46:59-48:18
The aerial shot is a little longer in the Theatrical Version. In addition to that, there is a transition to the subsequent shot.

The Extended Edition on the other hand roughly cuts to Clark and shows him walking around at the North Pole longer.

Extended Edition 74.8 sec (= 1:15 min) longer

41:30-41:38 / 50:20-51:00

When the ground raises in front of Clark, the Extended Edition contains several additional shots (screenshots only for those).

Extended Edition 32.3 sec longer

41:49 / 51:12-51:15

Two additional shots in the Extended Edition.

3.7 sec

42:01 / 51:27-51:30

Another small cut.

3.3 sec

42:15-42:16 / 51:44-52:24

Once again, the Theatrical Version is cut via smooth transition.

In the Extended Edition, Clark slowly approaches the camera. Then his face gets all blurry. He then approaches the glass object - accompanied by an alternate score.

Extended Edition 38.2 sec longer

42:22-42:35 / 52:30-53:15

Another transition that results in the lack of footage in the Theatrical Version.

Only in the Extended Edition, Clark gets to take a close look at everything.

Oddly enough, not only does the basically identically subsequent shot show a different aspect ratio but a slightly alternate take has been used as well.

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

Extended Edition 32.4 sec longer

42:54 / 53:34-54:18

A long and calm high angle shot that shows Clark noticing the crystals.

44.2 sec

45:04 / 56:28-57:04

Jor-El speaks longer to Clark: "(...we shall try to find the answers together.) How does a good man live? What is virtue? When does a man's obligation to those around him exceed his obligation to himself? And these are not simple questions. Even on Krypton there is no precise science which provides us with the answers. I can only tell you what I myself believe. And to this end I've tried to anticipate your questions in the order of their importance to you. (So, my son...)"

35.8 sec

While the footage itself remains unchanged, Jor-El's comment from the off during the space shots is a little longer every now and then: "(The total accumulation of all knowledge, spanning the 28 known galaxies is embedded in the crystals which I have sent along with you.) Study them well, my son and learn from them. We've reasoned out logical judgments. (By the time you return to the confines of your galaxy...)"

48:00 / 60:00-60:12

Two shots of the skyline before the cab ride.

11.6 sec

Partially Equal to the Director's Cut
52:10 / 64:22-64:58

On his first day at the Daily Planet, Clark sits at his desk. Jimmy Olsen is walking by and calls him "Mr. Clark" first before he calls Clark bis his actual last name "Mr. Kent".
Also in the DC but the camera zooms out much further in the Extended Edition.

36 sec

55:23-55:24 / 68:11-69:00

Lois and Clark get a cab and drive away.
Right before said shot, one also gets to see Otis for the very first time who goofily crosses the street.
Last but not least, one of the cops is grabbing a snack from the hot dog guy. Otis is passing by in the background.
Hot Dog Guy: "No mustard or sauerkraut?"
Detective (while paying him) "Plain, man, plain. Here's a buck. Go buy yourself a trip to Bermuda."

For some reason, there is a little jump cut in the Extended Edition. For that reason, the first few frames of the shot with Otis in the background (aka the moment the versions aare back in sync) are missing. (no screenshots)

Extended Edition 48.4 sec longer

The score in the Extended Edition appears a little more dominant during the chase at the train station.

55:55 / 69:31-70:18

Otis walks around longer. He is being tailed by two detectives while doing so.

47 sec

56:20 / 70:43-70:53

Additional high angle shot after Otis buys the Daily Planet.

10.3 sec

56:30 / 71:03-71:22

More walking around in the hall.

18.5 sec

56:35-56:38 / 71:27-71:41

Dito - although the Extended Edition contains a shot of Otis from further distance that shows him hiding his face from two cops.
The Theatrical Version only contains the moment when Otis hides his face - an alternate take that is closer to the action is being used here.

Extended Edition 11.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

56:39 / 71:43-71:54

Otis raises his hat to the two ladies and he is still being tailed.

10.9 sec

56:56 / 72:11-72:31

Some more additional footage when they get to the train.

19.9 sec

57:24-57:25 / 72:58-73:00

Additional shot of the loco in the Extended Edition.
As compensation, the subsequent shot of Otis' legs starts a little earlier in the Theatrical Version (no screenshots).

Extended Edition 0.8 sec longer

57:28-57:32 / 73:03-73:09

Alternate take of Otis walking across the tracks before the detective appears from behind the locomotive.

Extended Edition 1.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

57:43 / 73:20-73:25

When the detective gets out his radio, only the Extended Edition cuts to Otis.

5.1 sec

57:52-58:00 / 73:34-73:51

The Extended Edition contains an alternate and longer take of the action on the tracks.

Extended Edition 8.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Edition

58:43 / 74:34-75:07

The cop radios that he has outsmarted Otis: "Armus, come in please. Listen, make it Track 23. Repeat, Track 23. I watched him and I think I know how he does it. Out."
Then Otis earlier in his hideout. Lex watches via camera and plays with some buttons.

32.5 sec

62:42 / 79:06-81:12

The conversation at the hideout is longer. Then the scene with Lex allowing Otis to feed the babies which is also available as bonus on some of the earlier releases. Miss Teschmacher hugs Lex.

Miss Teschmacher: "Sunshine? A night on the town instead of under it?"
Man hört ein tierisches Geräusch im Hintergrund und Lex meint: "Otis?"
Otis: "Yes?"
Lex: "Did you feed the babies?"
Otis: "Not-- Not today, Mr. Luthor."
Lex: "Otis, feed the babies."
Otis: "Mr. Luthor, please."
Lex: "Otis!"
He reluctantly obeys.
Lex (to Miss Teschmacher): "Relax."
He plays the piano while there is a lot of noisy eating in the background.
Otis then says: "Your babies weren't hungry, Mr. Luthor."
Miss Teschmacher walks up to Lex; "Ugh. Lex, you're sick. You are really sick. You would take a diaper pin to cut a baby's throat. You'd fix the brakes on your own grandmother's wheelchair. I don't know, just explaincone thing to me, Lex. Why do I love you so much?"
Lex: "Because life with me is never dull."
Miss Teschmacher: "No, it's never dull, Lex, because you are the pits. You're really the pits."
Lex: "Later."

126.3 sec (= 2:06 min)

64:48 / 83:18-83:41

Footage of the chopper flight by night with several radio announcements.

22.9 sec

70:41 / 89:34-89:52

Members of a TV crew are arguing about what they just saw, then footage of Superman flying for the very first time.

18.7 sec

Basically just one of many of those moments but as a consequence thereof, the Superman theme is playing at a slightly different moment as well.