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Release: Aug 01, 2012 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
When American Pie hit the theatres in 1999, nobody expected it to be such a success. It was no surprise to see that several sequels were produced, again resulting in quite a successful box office gross. However, there were also four direct-to-video sequels, which (apart from Jim's dad) featured none of the actors of the original cast. They tried to make up for this with more raunchy jokes and nudity.

Thanks to the ongoing success and popularity, Universal Pictures decided to bring the American Pie series back to the cinema. The plan was do ignore any of the DVD sequels and instead bring back the cast of the original movies. What better way to do this than an alumni reunion? The result was American Reunion, which was released in early 2012 worldwide. The movie was quite successful, especially outside the USA.

It was announced early on that there would be an Unrated version for home cinemas. Unlike other movies, the Unrated version was released on both DVD and Blu-Ray. The Unrated Version is quite typical for the genre. You get a few more dialogue and an extension of Ali Cobrin's naked scenes.

This is a comparison between the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the Unrated DVD Version, both included on the DVD released by Universal Pictures.

The Unrated Version includes 4 scenes with alternative material and 4 scenes with additional material. Overall, the Unrated Version is 62.6 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
Unrated: 42:07 minutes
R-Rated: 42:07 minutes
Jim is still nervous, since Kara wants him to be her first sex partner. He says that he can't do it. Kara doesn't seem to care and starts kissing Jim. The latter is really uncomfortable with the situation and wants her to stop it. He softly pushes her away. Then she asks him if he thinks she's pretty. Jim of course does so and says it.

In the R-Rated Version we instead see Jim who refuses her offer. She then asks him if he thinks she's pretty. The scenes sometimes consist of alternative shots.
Unrated: 27.8 sec.
R-Rated: 11.6 sec.


Unrated: 42:45 minutes
R-Rated: 42:29 minutes
In the R-Rated Version you only see Kara's face, while the Unrated version shows her entire body. The dialogue is identical.
No difference in time.


48:24 minutes
Jim helps Kara up.
1.6 sec.

48:28 minutes
Jim and Kara are shown longer.
1.5 sec.

Unrated: 1:00:48 minutes
R-Rated: 1:00:28 minutes
In the Unrated Version, the conversation goes on.
Chester: "They were.".
Reed: "Yes, definitly they were."
Chester: "There wasn't a loser that night."
Stifler is shocked. THen the scene changes and Michelle comes through the door.

In the R-Rated Version you only see Chester and Reed again.
Unrated: 7.8 sec.
R-Rated: 1.6 sec.


1:13:58 minutes
Stifler wipes the pubic hair off his face.
7.5 sec.

Unrated: 1:28:07 minutes
R-Rated: 1:27:33 minutes
In the Unrated Version, Stifler says to Prateek: "And if you even look at me again, I will shit in your briefcase."

In the R-Rated Version he instead says: "And you can take this job and shov it up your dickhole. 'Cause I have a reunion to attend."
Unrated: 4.6 sec.
R-Rated: 5.2 sec.

1:37:22 minutes
Stifler: "I gonna help you out. Your cock can thank me later."
Then he wants to shake hands with the Sherminator. The latter, however, doesn't want to since he thinks that Stifler only wants to make fun of him. Stifler admits that he was an idiot back in school, but that he has grown up since. He wants to help Sherman and again reaches out his hand. Before Sherman can shake hands, Stifler pulls his hand back and laughs, saying that he's only kidding. Then Stifler hugs Sherman and the two of them go out hunting for women.
In the R-Rated Version you instead see Sherman in a 1.6 seconds shorter shot (not illustrated).
31.2 sec.