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  • Domestic Cut (US Blu-ray)
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 22, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

A meal for the vultures

Shortly after the American Civil War, tight-lipped gunslinger Hogan plans to steal a crate of gold from a French occupation post in Mexico with Mexican bandit Beltran. Along the way, Hogan saves Sara, a nun, from being raped by three men. Sara tells them that she is also working for the resistance and joins Hogan. An unusual friendship develops between the two. After an attack by Indians, blowing up a railroad bridge and procuring new dynamite, Hogan, Sara and Beltran are about to storm the French base, but it is better defended than they thought.

With Clint Eastwood as a rough-and-tumble gunslinger, a soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, and a hunt for a gold treasure, the film feels like an American interpretation of the Italo Western without ever reaching its class. The pairing of Eastwood and MacLaine works best when they're fighting, otherwise the plot drags a bit half-heartedly until the explosive finale, which goes a bit too overboard with some violent scenes.

Shorter version on the US Blu-ray

In the US, Kino Lorber released a new 4K restoration on Blu-ray that features a shorter Domestic Cut on a separate Blu-ray alongside the familiar uncut version, which has been labeled the International Cut. The Domestic Cut is based on the same 4K restoration, but is trimmed by just under 9 minutes. For the most part, the cuts are limited to many small scene reductions that are barely noticeable. The most prominent cut is a dialogue scene between Hogan and Sara in the Mexican bar as Hogan visits his contact. The cuts are all well placed, so there are no noticeable misses.

The added value of the shortened Domestic Cut version seems a bit questionable, as you ultimately only get to see a slightly shorter version of the film. The main reason why you should get the Blu-ray is the 4K restoration, which is very well done. The picture is much better and more natural than the old Blu-ray release. If you're interested in the film, you can grab the US Blu-ray without hesitation. The Domestic Cut version can be seen as a nice bonus.


Domestic Cut: 104:50 min.
International Cut: 113:43 min.

Comparison between the Domestic Cut and the international version. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Kino Lorber.

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The International Cut fades in more credits as Hogan rides on.

IC: 18 sec


Sara continues walking to her donkey and takes its reins. Short cut to Hogan looking to her.

IC: 15 sec


After Sara carries the dead snake away, a shot of Hogan taking the horses away follows.

IC: 13 sec


After the French ride off, Hogan is shown looking after them.

IC: 6 sec


Sara rattles the snake as Hogan walks up to her.

IC: 2 sec


Sara is shown earlier with the snake.

IC: 1 sec


After Sara is awakened, she asks if she could sleep longer. Hogan says that she can't if she wants to travel with him.

IC: 6 sec


Hogan and Sara ride across the bridge.

The Domestic Cut doesn't kick in until Hogan ties his horse to the tree.

IC: 13 sec


Sara continues to pull her donkey along the path.

IC: 6 sec


Hogan unties his horse before mounting.

IC: 5 sec


You can see Hogan riding off.

IC: 6 sec


Hogan and Sara are shown earlier arriving at the village.

IC: 2 sec


Sara and Hogan walk longer across the market. The next shot starts earlier.

IC: 8 sec


Sara is shown earlier as she walks through the market.

IC: 4 sec


There is a missing cut to the people mourning. Hogan asks who they are. Sara questions the people in Spanish.

IC: 10 sec


Sara lets Hogan help her out of the tree.

IC: 6 sec


Sara is shown earlier as she walks through the French camp.

IC: 8 sec


In the next shot, you can see the soldiers earlier.

IC: 3 sec.


Another time, the soldiers are shown earlier with the prisoner.

IC: 2 sec


Cuts to the family members of the condemned man before the commander swings his saber down.

IC: 3 sec


The woman runs earlier to the killed man.

IC: 2 sec


Sara closes the dead Colonel's eyes.

IC: 4 sec


Hogan rides after Sara.

The next shot begins with a camera pan to Hogan and Sara.

IC: 22 sec


Before Hogan gets up, the IC cuts to the Indians one more time.

IC: 3 sec


Sara says that Hogan should not show pain or weakness.

IC: 3 sec


Hogan and Sara ride away for a longer time.

IC: 3 sec


As Sara prays, Hogan says "I find that kinda touchin'", after which Sara is shown crossing herself earlier.

IC: 5 sec


Hogan can be seen earlier.

IC: 1 sec


Hogan and Sara ride away for a longer time. Hogan apologizes to her. The next shot starts earlier.

IC: 11 sec


Hogan and Sara are shown for a longer time before they ride to the bridge.

IC: 5 sec


Sara can be seen earlier as she climbs up the bridge.

IC: 17 sec


Sara climbs up the bridge longer.

IC: 6 sec


Again, Sara is shown climbing for a longer time.

IC: 4 sec


Sara can be seen climbing earlier.

IC:3 sec.


Sara asks Hogan what he expects out of life. Does he hope for a ranch? Hogan says that means working from early in the morning until late at night which he has no interest in. He tells her that he plans to open a big gambling saloon in San Francisco as soon as he has the money. This may not mean much to Sara, but to him it is life. Sara says that some people have strange desires.

IC: 46 sec
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