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Sword of Sodan


Sega Genesis
Region: USA


Release: Oct 02, 2015 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
I. The Game:
One can choose between two characters: Brodan and his twin sister Shardan whose gameplay is identical, despite their physical diffences. The two of them are on their way to defeat the tyrant Zora. Graphically, the Amiga Version was quite something back in the days. Unfortunately, the gameplay could not keep up but it was still good enough to play the game. Contrary to that, the Sega Genesis Version is garbage and barely playable.

II. Further differences:
In this section, differences that haven't been made for censorship reasons but still worth mentioning are being listed:

Select your player, no shield:
The missing woods in the background are acceptable but without shields it looks like our two heroes are playing rock, paper, scissors.
Draw, both have rock.

Blood, skeletons and shields:
In the Genesis Version, the dying protagonists are bleeding plus the first level has been decorated with skeletons. Similar to the Select your player screen, the shields are also missing in the actual game. Instead, some framework has been added to the castle in the Amiga Version.

End credits:
In the Genesis Version, our two characters are being hailed as heroes. In the Amiga Version, they get closer to each other - as if they were going to kiss.

Exclusively in the Amiga Version:
There are more levels in the Amiga Version because some of them have been combined in the Genesis Version. "Heart of the Forest" is the only level completely missing in the Sega Version. Furthermore, some hostiles are missing and riding a giant is not an option either.

Compared are the censored Sega Genesis (US Mega Drive) and the uncensored Amiga Version.
III. Comparison:

Shardan's appearance in a bra was a bit too much. Consequently, she needed to get dressed decently.

In Level 2 , an "erotic" statue has been removed.