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The Master & The Kid

original title: Xia Gu Rou Qing Chi Zi Xin


  • BBFC 15 DVD
  • German Blu-ray
Release: Jan 03, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK DVD by / Vengeance Video (BBFC 15) and the uncut German Blu-ray by filmArt (not rated)

- 16 cuts
- Length difference: 109.8 sec (= 1:50 min) [in PAL]

This entertaining low budget martial arts flick from Taiwan for which many famous pieces of music have been recycled finally got the release it deserve in Germany. The Blu-ray was released on 08/22/2014.

In the UK, it is only available on DVD so far and the DVD is cut. This release is rather odd though because the cuts simply concern violent footage which is very uncommon for British censorship and reminds me of the way movies are cut in Germany in order to get a lower rating.
The BBFC states in its entry that no cuts were made. Apparently, the master the British right holder had was already cut before submitting it to the BBFC. Perhaps, they even got it from Germany and the UK DVD equals the German DVD (rated "FSK 16") because after all, there aren't that many DVD release worldwide. The Dutch DVD for instance contains the same version as the UK DVD. In this context, I would like to point out that the English title at the beginning of the picture doesn't look very professional either.

Time index refers to
UK DVD (BBFC 15) / German Blu-ray (not rated)
Opening Credits

The UK DVD contains a cheap-looking insert on a black backgroud while the title looks more professional on the German Blu-ray. Also, there are three insters instead of one.

German Blu-ray 10.2 sec longer

UK DVDGerman Blu-ray

01:30 / 01:44-02:07

The fight ends prematurely: actually, the crook whips out a dagger and hard punches by Nan Kung follow. One can only assume what is going on though because the images are way too dark.

22.3 sec

02:01 / 02:40-02:41

Additional shot of the severed head ending up on the ground.

1.2 sec

14:38 / 15:50-15:53

Nan Kung breaks the guy's arm tosses him on the ground.

2.6 sec

21:52 / 23:25-23:29

Another shot of the guy with the amazing curly wig (Chen), the camera tracks to the dagger in his belly.

4 sec

22:18 / 23:56-24:00

Further shot of the nxt baddie. The camera tracks to his stomach wound as well.

3.5 sec

35:32 / 37:49-37:52

At the end of the shot, Nan also breaks the poor guy's neck. Then he grabs him and prepares to toss him around in a close-up.

3.2 sec

35:37 / 37:57-37:59

Nan reaches for the guy's head and pushes him to the ground.

1.9 sec

35:42 / 38:04-38:07

Nan breaks some bones of the following opponent, then he tosses him around.

3.1 sec

58:10 / 61:33-61:35

Piao's severed fingers hit the ground.

1.6 sec

63:43 / 67:22-67:28

Black Hat schleps Pyo away earlier while Piao crawls out one more time in order to stop him but he gets kicked out of the scenery instead.

6.3 sec

63:54 / 67:40-67:48

Extended shot of Pyo running from Black Hat but he tosses her on the ground.

7.5 sec

75:45 / 80:09-80:12

Further goons are getting hit by Nan's spears via short close-ups.

3.2 sec

80:31 / 86:19-86:27

Before Pyo arrives on the scene, Nan gets hit several ties and Jiu Long puts the blade to his knife.

7.4 sec

83:50 / 88:46

Additional shot of blood running out of Nan's mouth.

0.8 sec

84:12 / 89:10-89:17

Nan jumps a few times and kicks Jiu Long.

6.9 sec

84:29 / 89:35-90:11

Nan jumps aside and pulls the rope around Jiu's head to the ground. He attaches it to a log and clings to Jiu's legs in order to kill him sooner. After Jiu's arms are falling down, the UK DVD is back in the game with the remaning part of the scene.

34.2 sec

The UK DVD lacks the "The End" insert at the end.

11.3 sec