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Silip: Daughters Of Eve

original title: Silip


  • Italian Version
  • US Version
Release: Apr 30, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian Version, released on tape by AVO Film, and the US Version, released on DVD by Mondo Macabro.

The story:

Tonya is in charge of a school in a small village, she's also responsable for the children's religious education. Full of lust, she predicts that sex is evil. One day her sister Selda and her new boyfriend appear. Due to Selda's swinging appearance it becomes harder for Tonya to keep her image of an innocent woman alive. The situation escalates when Selda starts hitting on Simon, one of the inhabitants.

A very astonishing and courageous film, produced by Elwood Perez in 1985, with the former Miss Philippines Maria Isabel Lopez. Main subjects of the film are lust and sebastomania which culminates in the death of several people.

The different versions:

Besides the Greek Tape, released by Jaconda Video (only the final scene is missing), the film was released on Tape in Italy as well. Unfortenately the Italian Version was extremly cut. Not only some plot scenes but also some sex and violent scenes are missing. The film was dubbed in Italian and, similar to the Greek Version, the image is open matte.
In the meantime Mondo Macabro released the film on DVD. The quality of the images is absolutely terrific and the opportunity to select the original Tagalog Dub with optional English subtitles is given as well. The bonus stuff of this DVD is also persuading. It contains interviews with Elwood Perez, Maria Isabel Lopez and Alferdo Santos. Furthermore there are text boxes with a lot of background information on the bonus DVD.

Small jump cuts aren't mentioned.

Comparison of the images:

Italian Tape:


Running time:

US DVD: 125:30 Min (NTSC)
Italian Tape: 91:12 Min (PAL)

Different title logo in both versions.

Italian Tape:


No difference.


The camera keeps on showing Tanya who's getting her period at that moment. One of the boys from the village watches her secretly, then he runs away. After that a shot of Tanya, she washes her genital area.

50 sec


Extended shot of Mona and Simon at the foreplay and finally at the act. In the meantime her son climbs up a tree and shouts at her. He wants to know when his father would be back home.

2:03 min


The little girl shouts at her sister Tonya's story was a lie. Tonya runs to her, grabs her neck and says she wasn't asked. She also mentions she was a teacher.

Then a woman from the village who doesn't want to send her child to Tonya's class. She hopes that Padre Phillip will be back soon to end that nonsense.

One of the children watches Tonya. She and the other children ask for moral constancy.

2:06 min


Extended shot of Selda and Ronald. Then they walk across the road.

45 sec


Selda, Ronald and Tony are on the way to town. Simon watches the vehilces they're driving with. Selda says Tonya had been in love with Simon once, then she mentions Tonya's job as a teacher.

The people in the village ask Selda about the life in town. When they talk about the fact that Selda and Ronald aren't married, they decide that they have to spent the night seperated.

2:23 min


Extended shot of Selda and Ronald. (probably a jump cut)

2 sec


A large part of the love scene with Selda and Ronald is missing, interrupted by short cuts to Tonya who's peeping.

1:46 min


Two boys talk about Tonya's class, one of them doesn't join. They start arguing which is smoothened by a girl. Pia's clueless, she doesn't know whom to listen to.

Then a shot of Ronald, he takes pictures at the beach while the children are playing. Tonya tells Pia not to play with the boys.

Tonya talks to Selda about her past. Selda pinched her boyfriend Simon in former times.

3:37 min


Mona still tries to sleep with Simon and she finally succeeds.

Earlier shot of the flames.

4:27 min


Extended shot of Simon and Selda kissing each other.

3 sec


Ronald goes to Tonya and wants to force her to oral sex.

16 sec


The old woman comes earlier in the cabin.

3 sec


Extended shot of Selda in the Italian Version.

In the US Version there's a cut to Tonya and then back to Selda.

2 sec


Extended shot of Selda and Tonya. Then a shot of Selda, she shows the children how to deal with make up and how to dance. Tonya watches her very critically.

Then a shot of the inhabitants on the fields. Two of the men return from the market and report they sold all the crops and Padre Phillip could return in a month earliest. The women tell the men about the negative influences for their children.

The boys at the beach, they talk about Tonya.

3:44 min


Missing scene: Pia's friend tells her mother Tonya tossed some sand on Pia after she had admitted to her that she was in love with Simon.

1:16 min

Alomst the complete love scene with Simon and Tonya is missing. First Pia watches them, then she runs to them. The Italian Version only shows Tonya running away.

3:54 min


Pia comes closer to Simon and calls him a demon.

9 sec


Simon's death is much shorter in the Italian Version. In the US Version the children pass the knife around and keep on stabbing him, one after another. One of them grabs the hatchet and chops his head off.

1:00 min


The rape scene of Tonya and Selda is missing.

1:38 min


A part of the rape is missing.

12 sec


A further cut to the rape is missing.

2 sec


Another missing part of the rape.

5 sec



5 sec