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Nightmare (aka Nightmare in a damaged brain)

original title: Nightmare


  • R-Rated / New BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 17, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the BBFC 18-DVD by International Trading (equals the R-Rated Version) and the Uncut German DVD by Laser Paradise (Unrated Version).

There are 17 differences with a total length of 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

14 cuts = 3 minutes and 4 seconds.
1 alternate cut = 2 seconds.
2 alternate cuts without difference.

The ordinary slasher movie about a sick twisted serial killer has been released in two versions in the US: an R-Rated Version censored in violence and plot plus an uncensored Unrated Version. In the UK, only the R-Rated Version is available. Furthermore a less censored version by World Of Video 2000 was released on VHS but that release was banned and put on the list of "Video Nasties". The movie had its problems in Germany as well. Even though the German VHS and DVD is uncut, the movie was completely banned as well. Presumable because of the hard bloody SFX. Moreover the quality of the DVD sucks and the quality of the Unrated scenes is even worse.
4 Min
The two boys ask Kathy if they could watch TV because they couldn't sleep anyway. Kathy replies it was late and tells them to go back to bed. One of them wants to know when their mom was back home. Kathy turns around to them. She seems to be bugged and explains she didn't know when their mother would be back and tells them to go back to bed again. The kids run upstairs and Kathy keeps watching TV. Then a shot of the killer lurking outside. He watches Kathy through the window.
34 sec

7 Min
The Unrated Version also the beheaded body of the mother. Blood splatters out of the wound. The R-Rated Version contains a shot of the kid running down the stairs instead.
no difference


16 Min
Again the beheaded body in the Unrated Version. The R-Rated Version contains a longer shot of the killer sliding down the wall instead.
no difference


26 Min
The R-Rated Version lacks all close-ups when the killer slices up the woman's throat and the blood splatters. The cuts to the killer and the guy on the phone are also missing.
10 sec

26 Min
Now he stabs her belly several times. The R-Rated Version only contains the last stab.
6 sec

27 Min
Subsequently he licks his bllody fingers.
7 sec

49 Min
The Inspector asks Susan about the house and its furniture and says he'd like to drop by to have a look at it.
18 sec

69 Min
Extended shot of the killer with the slip in his hands.
16 sec

74 Min
Susan asks Kathy on the phone if she could babysit the kids that night because she had an important appointment.
30 sec

81 Min
Missing close-ups from Kathy's death, e.g. how the hammer gets rammed in her back plus some cuts to C.J. who was forced to watch everything.
9 sec

83 Min
The R-Rated Version lacks some shots of C.J. firing several shots at the killer near the door.
46 sec

91 Min
After the mother's head was chopped off, the blood splatters only in the Unrated Version.
2 sec

91 Min
Again some more blood splatter.
1 sec

91 Min
The end of the shot is missing: the beheaded body drops forwards.
0.5 sec

91 Min
The boy lunges out one more time and hits the body's back with the hatchet. He pulls it out of the back and lunges out again.
3 sec

91 Min
Now he hits the father's head with the hatchet. The following shot of the father with the hatchet in his head is longer. The R-Rated Version contains a shot that shows some blood splattering on a lamp instead.
Unrated: 6 sec
R-Rated: +4 sec


92 Min
The dead father with the hatchet in his head once again. A lot of blood splatters out of the wound.
1.5 sec