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Testament of Sister New Devil, The

1.01 The Day I Got A Little Sister

original title: Shinmai Maou no Tesutamento


  • Japanese TV Version
  • Uncensored TV Version
Release: Aug 27, 2016 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series


Actually, the plot of The Testament of Sister New Devil is explained quickly - All of a sudden, Basara gets two new "sisters". One of them is the designated Demon Queen, the other one a perverted succubus. In between, there is a lot of nudity, sleazy gags, more nudity and also a little frame story (evil demons and heroes are after Mio).



As usual on Japanese TV, too explicit scenes (for Ecchi titles, that is naked breasts among other things) are being altered in some way (e.g. bars, clouds etc.) resp. censored. Those alterations always get reversed for a release on DVD and Blu-ray. This is also the case with The Testament of Sister New Devil. The DVD and Blu-ray contain the uncensored Extended Version which is even longer than the here compared TV Versions.





Compared are the censored Japanese TV Version (Crunchyroll) and the uncensored German TV Version (ProSieben MAXX).



Please note: The time index in brackets represents the uncensored version. The difference results from the different fps the versions are running with.

1:42 1:47
(1:38 1:43)

Basara's first encounter with Mio takes place in a restroom of some restaurant. Of course, this is not a usual encounter because Mio is just pulling up her panties. Basara is a bit embarrassed and the Japanese TV Version hides her (partially) naked butt with some kind of bright stripe.
no difference

Japanese TV VersionUncensored TV Version

1:54 1:55
(1:49 1:50)

Some scene except is about to leave the restroom in a hurry.
no difference

Japanese TV VersionUncensored TV Version