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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 26, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut R-rated DVD has been compared to the uncut and unrated DVD (both released by Lionsgate in the US)

- 25 cuts
- Cut length: 252.4 sec (=4:12 min)

Some might remember America Olivo from the Friday the 13th-remake and Bitch Slap. In the torture-shocker at hand, which was already finished in 2009 and finally released in July 2010 in the US, she plays a nameless psychopath who captures a man seemingly without reason and otherwise also stops at nothing.

This happens all the time in a rather sadisticly-brutally manner, which is why the film was instantly released as an "Unrated Director's Cut" and was seen like this on festivals, too. Luckily, this version was usually released on the international market, as well. For video-on-demand-portals, Walmart etc. there was a censored R-rated version edited, which had the most brutal parts removed. If you are interested in more information concerning this usual practice on the American homecinema-market, can visit an earlier Cut report special on this topic, in which this is explained in greater detail.

In the following report, the R-rated version is compared which misses more than 4 minutes in violent scenes. Since the film was, as mentioned above, only released on some festivals unrated and uncensored, this is mostly not "MPAA-typical censorship" (alternative footage), but very simple violence cuts. Most notable is, of course, the cut of the admittedly very nasty penis-torture, which has been removed completely and thus makes the biggest part of the runtime difference.

Runtime designations order is as follows:
R-rated / Unrated
29:46 / 29:46-29:47

Don's leg a little earlier.

0.5 sec

29:50 / 29:51-29:53

The shot is also a bit longer in the end.

1.8 sec

30:40 / 30:43

The driller in the foot one bloody moment longer.

0.6 sec

30:43 / 30:46-30:48

The next view is completely missing in the R-rated version.

2.2 sec

30:49 / 30:54-30:57

Another shot of when the big toe has broken away from the rest.

2.8 sec

30:52 / 31:00-31:01

The shot starts a bit earlier.

1 sec

31:11 / 31:20-31:21

Only the unrated version shows the bloody result here, again.

1.4 sec

31:21 / 31:31-31:33

The shot is longer and a lot of blood bubbles out.

2.2 sec

31:29 / 31:41-31:43

Only the unrated versions shows the damaged thigh.

2 sec

31:37 / 31:51-31:54

Another shot of the thigh which was some holes by now.

2.7 sec

32:11 / 32:28-32:30

The worm makes its way a little earlier into Don's skin.

1.9 sec

37:17 / 37:36-37:37

The pole is being drilled through Don's mouth in a close-up.

0.8 sec

37:32 / 37:52-37:54

Another shot of this, this time, one end exits through the cheeck.

2 sec

39:29 / 39:51-39:55

The girl positions the pizza-cutter, cut to her with Don in the background and the following closer shot a little earlier.

3.8 sec

39:33 / 39:59-40:06

Some scraps of flesh / parts of the kneecap are picked out and, applicably, blood streams out, in between an insert to screaming Don.

7 sec

39:34 / 40:07-40:11

The beginning of the tracking shot upwards to Don's dismembered leg is missing.

4 sec

52:09 / 52:46-55:48

Blatant cut in the R-rated version: Don's nightmare during which Lizzy is being killed by the girl in front of his eyes ends abruptly after that scene. The entire hallucination, in which the girl maltreats his genitals is kept away from the audience.

Actually, the dream seems the be over a first time on the dance floor. Don's colleagues look down to the passed-out one from above, Sam says: "Don, you okay? I didn't have to dance with her, dude..."
At that, Don wakes up on his couch, Liz treats him.
Don: "I feel like such a jackass."
Liz: "It's no big deal."
Don: "I was so dumb."
Liz: "Everyone understands."
Don: "I love you so much."
Liz: "Oh, yeah?"
Don: "Yeah."
She bows down to him, but accidently touches his wound and apologizes: "Sorry."
Don: "That's okay. I took a pill."
Liz lays down on him and they make out, the camera moves to the side, when it moves back, suddenly the girl lies on blood-smeared Don resp. here, a dream appears to be in his dream.
Don slowly wakes up: "Jesus. Jesus! What the fuck? Get the fuck off me! Get off me!"
The girl turns the tables: "God. You were raping me!"
Don: "What the... Oh, my God. You sick fuck! You sick fucking fuck!"
Girl: "You raped me. I'll show you. I'll show you what it feels like to be violated."
She gets out a chopstick made of glass: "My parents used to have these. The Vietnamese invented this. I learned about it in school."
Under clearly aud- and visible pain as well as several curses, the girl inserts said chopstick into Don's tip of the penis, blood flows out accordingly. She now sits down on him and plays with it, she then says: "Stay with me. Stay with me now."
Don hopes for help: "Sam!"
Girl: "Sam left you."

(Only then does Don wake up from the dream and thus, his reflexive grab to the crotch makes sense, of course.)

182 sec

58:23 / 62:02-62:06

Lizzy's finger longer in the scissors until it finally gets cut off.

3.9 sec

59:36 / 63:19-63:26

Lizzy's cheeck is cut in a close-up shot. After a cut to begging Don, there is another front view of this.

7.4 sec

59:38 / 63:28-63:33

After the contained new view of Don, the following shot starts much earlier, the saw is swiped through Lizzy's mouth. Don utters a feisty "Fuck you, bitch!".

5 sec

60:44 / 64:39-64:41

Lizzy's arm is being carved.

1.7 sec

60:47 / 64:44

The open arm is shown a moment earlier.

Der offene Arm ist einen Moment früher zu sehen.

0.5 sec

60:53 / 64:50-64:52

Lizzy gasps a little longer, then Don a moment earlier.

1,8 sec

61:18 / 65:17

Lizzy's arm 8 frames earlier.

0,3 sec

61:19 / 65:18-65:31

...and longer. Cut to Don and again the arm with extensive bloodloss. After a view of rattling Lizzy a final view of this.

13.1 sec