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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith


  • British TV Version
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 02, 2020 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The cut version was broadcast on UK channel ITV2 on 4 January 2019 (aired at 6.20 p.m.) compared with the uncut version.

This version is a curiosity. While the ITV2 version of Episode 2 showed one cut, Episode 3 had to endure several violence cuts. Also, the brightness of some scenes was also strongly manipulated, in order to keep the version bearable for epileptics. A few of the cuts made here are therefore not quite clearly identifiable in terms of intention. They could be violent cuts, but they could also have been made in favor of epileptics. Also interesting is that both Episode 1 and Episode 2, which were broadcast on ITV2 on the same day just before Episode 3, did not show any such epilepsy changes.

There are 1 minute and 6.08 seconds missing due to 11 cuts.
There were also seven changes in image brightness.

56:04 to 56:22
Anti-epilepsy modification:
When General Grievous let his two lightsabers rotate very fast, the British TV version was darkened very much at exactly this point.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

The shot when Obi-Wan starts to attack is completely missing.
1.40 sec.

56:24 to 56:53
Another anti-epilepsy change:
In the first half of the battle between Obi-Wan and General Grievous, the picture continues to darken considerably. Until the moment Grievous blocks Obi-Wan's attack with two swords. From the moment Grievous throws Obi-Wan's lightsaber to the rear, the picture is back to normal in the British TV version.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

1:10:44 to 1:10:47
Another anti-epilepsy change:
When Windu fights off the power flashes, the image has been minimally darkened.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

A shot of Palpatine is missing afterwards.
3.56 sec.

1:10:52 to 1:10:56
Again, the picture has been darkened for 2 shots.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

The same shot of Palpatine from the previous cut was also shortened by about 5 seconds.
5.20 sec.

1:11:01 to 1:11:05
The last two shots of the power flash scene were also darkened.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

Windu is grilled in a close-up by the power flashes.
1.80 sec.

1:11:53 to 1:11:59
This shot of Palpatine was also darkened a little.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

Once again a close-up of Windu is missing, as he continues to be grilled by the power flashes.
2.16 sec.

1:43:30 to 1:43:38
The first seven shots in the fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin were darkened, partially strongly.
No time difference

British TV versionUncut

The entire scene where Anakin burns has been removed.
23.04 sec

You can see the burned Anakin.
4.60 sec

The close-up of the burnt Anakin is missing, too.
3.00 sec.

The burnt Anakin writhes in pain on the operating table.
8.16 sec

The mechanical grab arm drives over Anakin and wants to put the Vader mask on him.
12.24 sec

When the mask is set on Anakins face, the first frames of the shot are missing, because you can see something of Anakin's burned face.
0.92 sec.