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  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • BBFC 18 DVD
Release: Jun 26, 2013 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
A total of 526,56 seconds are missing in 53 cuts.
Running time of the Cut Version without ending credits: 1:15:48 (PAL).
Running time of the Uncut Version without ending credits: 1:24:55 (PAL).
Running time designations always refer to the Cut Version first.

This entertaining and hard B action movie had quite a hard time with the BBFC. It had to be cut twice, first by seven and then by another one and a half minutes, in order to finally receive a rating in 1984. The DVDs that were released in the UK were all uncut, however.

This is a comparison between the cut VHS by Guild Home Video (BBFC 18) and the uncut DVD by Boulevard Entertainment (BBFC 18).
0:00:00 / 0:00:00
The uncut version shows the Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment logo.
13,44 sec.

0:01:58 / 0:02:12
A bad guy is taking some cocaine.
4,48 sec.

0:02:05 / 0:02:23
The uncut version also mentions Paul Ziller as additional director.
No difference in running time

0:04:53 / 0:05:10
Chakka holds the knife between Frank's legs longer, the following shot is missing completely.
1,76 sec.

0:04:55 / 0:05:14
Chakka holds the knife to Frank's neck.
2,72 sec.

0:05:18 / 0:05:40
The shootout between the police and the bad guys was cut at the beginning. Four bad guys are being killed, but Frank's partner is severely wounded as well. After Frank has called out for his partner, he is being shot at.
58,32 sec.

0:05:48 / 0:07:09
Chakka pulls the knife out of Wallace's neck in two shots.
3,04 sec.

0:06:50 / 0:08:14
One of the bad guys shoots towards the police. One cop fires a smoke grenade, another one kills a firing gangster with a shotgun.
15,12 sec.

0:06:55 / 0:08:34
The guy at the funeral is being hit a few more times.
1,68 sec.

0:07:20 / 0:09:00
The shot of Wallace's quite mangeld corpse was zoomed in in the cut version. As a result, the neck wound cannot be really seen anymore.
No difference in running time

0:09:00 / 0:10:40
The wounded baddie is being shot by Chakka.
3,2 sec.

0:15:28 / 0:17:11
Billy is being threatened with a knife.
1,2 sec.

0:15:48 / 0:17:33
Billy smashes his opponent's head against the wooden rail, the other one behind him gets kicked in the face.
1,76 sec.

0:16:56 / 0:18:43
Frank is kicked in the face by Billy three times and goes down. Afterwards, Billy goes towards Frank and kicks him into his groin as well. The first second of the following shot with Helen is missing as well.
11,76 sec.

0:18:32 / 0:20:31
One of the twins is punched three times by Billy and then also finds a foot planted into his face.
4,88 sec.

0:18:50 / 0:20:53
Billy can be seen at the window longer. The following shot with the other dead twin is missing completely.
3,36 sec.

0:26:00 / 0:28:06
The brawl in front of the bar is siginificantly longer. Billy first is kicked and punched by one of the bad guys, afterwards, however, he counters with a storm of punches and kicks that send his three opponents to the ground.
44,56 sec.

0:29:31 / 0:32:22
Billy beats the man unconscious and then begins to removes his hoodie.
8,48 sec.

0:29:35 / 0:32:35
The removing of the hoodie was inserted here, not showing the last frame of the previous shot and thus suggesting that the man was beaten unconscious in the off.
+2,92 sec. / 0,04 sec.

0:35:39 / 0:38:36
Frank continues to shoot while Billy steers the car. When the latter notices that they are driving towards a wall, he tells Frank several times to brake.
5,12 sec.

0:42:25 / 0:45:26
Billy's opponent is kicked again.
3,52 sec.

0:42:31 / 0:45:36
Billy sends the bad guy with a massive kick in three shots to the ground. In the Cut Version, it looks as if he just pushes him.
6,96 sec.

0:45:41 / 0:48:53
The shot of Frank biting Chakka's ear is missing.
4,8 sec.

0:45:50 / 0:49:06
Frank rams Chakka's head against the wood and then drags him around. The Cut Version uses a mirroring effect in order to cover up the cut.
+1,44 sec. / 6,24 sec.

0:45:54 / 0:49:15
Frank kicks and punches Chakka, who is lying on the ground, and uses some wrestling techniques on him. The latter then crawls over the ground.
19,68 sec.

0:46:09 / 0:49:50
Chakka pulls a knife out of his pocket but is instantly attacked by Frank. Afterwards, Frank holds the knife to Chakka's neck and repeats his own words ("You wanna be dead?") to him. The cut ends after Frank has hurled Chakka to the ground.
32,88 sec.

0:48:10 / 0:52:24
Two bad guys are being hit by bullets.
1,44 sec.

0:48:12 / 0:52:27
The injured baddie and Billy, shooting, can be seen.
4,64 sec.

0:48:28 / 0:52:48
The bald headed guy is shot in the face, the following shot of the shooter was removed as well.
1,36 sec.

0:48:28 / 0:52:49
Another man is hit in the breast. Afterwards, the shooter can be seen again, now he is slowly getting up. The Cut Version shows the previously missing shot of the shooter.
+0,84 sec. / 7,48 sec.

0:53:08 / 0:57:36
Billy finishes three attackers with punches and kicks.
34,24 sec.

0:53:39 / 0:58:41
The first....
0,48 sec.

0:53:41 / 0:58:43
... and second bad guy are being hit. The following shot of Frank is missing as well.
3,04 sec.

0:58:19 / 1:03:25
Helen is threatened with a knife.
1,84 sec.

0:58:54 / 1:04:02
Chakka hits Helen twive and the threatens her with the gun. The cut to Gitano is missing as well.
15,44 sec.

1:00:56 / 1:06:20
The scared Tara can be seen again, the following shot of Chakka was shortened by 2,5 sec.
4,64 sec.

1:01:03 / 1:06:31
Chakka thinks and looks at Tara.
4,32 sec.

1:05:38 / 1:11:10
Frank throws one of the bad guys around, Billy punches the other one a few times.
12,08 sec.

1:08:44 / 1:14:28
One insignificant frame of Frank and five frames of the attacking bad guy were removed.
0,24 sec.

1:08:44 / 1:14:28
Frank is hit in the face with the butt of a rifle.
0,72 sec.

1:09:53 / 1:15:38
Chakka hits Chakka with his elbow.
2,96 sec.

1:09:59 / 1:15:47
The first punch to Frank's face is missing.
1,68 sec.

1:10:05 / 1:15:54
Chakka grabs Frank's head and hits him again.
2,72 sec.

1:10:13 / 1:16:05
Billy continues to fight against the big baddie, at the same time Frank is being tortured by Chakka.
22 sec.

1:10:24 / 1:16:39
The torture continues and finally Billy can knock his opponent out. Helen can also be seen being tortured with a needle by Kasajian.
38,96 sec.

1:11:13 / 1:18:07
Tara kills a bad guy with two shots in his breast.
6,48 sec.

1:11:17 / 1:18:17
Frank shoots two bad guys.
10,72 sec.

1:11:33 / 1:18:43
Chakka kicks Frank twice in his face.
7,68 sec.

1:11:50 / 1:19:08
Tara and Billy each kill one bad guy, one of them falling down and screaming at the same time.
19,52 sec.

1:12:14 / 1:19:51
Chakka pulls his knife, which is kicked out of his hand by Frank.

6,8 sec.

1:12:17 / 1:20:01
Billy finishes the shooting bad guy with a few shots.
7,12 sec.

1:12:44 / 1:20:35
Frank and Chakka fight for the knife.
7,44 sec.

1:12:47 / 1:20:46
While Frank and Chakka continue to fight, Billy shoots two more guys.
23,76 sec.

1:12:49 / 1:21:12
Frank threatens Chakka with the knife and quotes him another time. The latter is not impressed ans spits in his face.
16,72 sec.

1:12:49 / 1:21:29
Frank rams the knife into Chakka's breast, causing him to spit blood.
12,8 sec.

1:12:54 / 1:21:46
Frank can be seen with the knife again.
5,36 sec.

1:14:02 / 1:23:00
The second shot of the injured Kasajian is missing.
1,84 sec.

1:14:03 / 1:23:03
The next shot of Kasajian and the two following shots of the shooter were removed as well.
2,72 sec.

1:14:09 / 1:23:12
Kasajian dies.
5,52 sec.