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  • Unrated
Release: Jul 19, 2015 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The comedy sequel - this time largely without John Cusack - wasn't all too well received by critics and fans but it still offers some obscure ideas that could make the movie a decent watch for a lazy Sunday. Apart from the "R"-rated theatrical version, there's also an Unrated Cut that made it onto the Blu-ray and the VOD channels. It just reintegrates deleted scenes and doesn't offer material that could have been too risky for the MPAA rating. If a third installment is on the horizon, its chances to get a theatrical run appear quite limited and it's much more likely that it would have its future as a direct-to-video production.

With its 8 differences, the Unrated Cut is 7:38 minutes longer than the theatrical version.
6. minute
Lou enjoys his rockstar life with a young wife and lots of drugs. His son Jacob, who didn't let himself go as bad, brings him some food (chips and Cola). Lou is shocked and shortly aims at him with his revolver but then recognizes him as his son. Jacob has little patience for his parents' escapades and tests them e.g. whether they know when his birthday is - which they don't. Then he says that they should carry on their lifestyle since he inherits all their stuff the sooner they get in their graves.
99 seconds

30. minute
The trio sees an anti-drug spot and Lou is outraged about the fact that people don't like them in the future, either.
29,5 seconds

44. minute
At the party, Lou enters Jacob's private lounge and he's not too happy about that. One of the women is interested in Lou and he begins to undress, trying to touch her breasts. Suddenly, he begins flickering - he obviously threatens his own existence with this move. Stupid time travel rules.
89 seconds

54. minute
Jacob is not convinced that the VR show is a good idea and is worried that somebody might get killed. Adam Jr. calms him down and says that it's a cool show.
27 seconds

55. minute
During the anal sex scene on the TV show, Jacob asks Adam Jr. whether there are any taboos left. Adam Jr. answers that sex with animals still falls under that but only when it's in conflict with land law. He tells the example of a man who wanted to get divorced from his lama and they had to figure out where the lama is supposed to graze.
22,5 seconds

57. minute
Jacob complains about Lou having been a bad father but that only ends in a discussion about what a good alternate title would be for "Shitty Parenting for Dummies".
33,5 seconds

75. minute
Lou makes up with the Smart car that wanted to run him over because he insulted it.
29 seconds longer than the theatrical cut

85. minute
The Unrated adds how Lou is shot in the head and Adam (John Cusack) is shown. He is the one causing Lou's head is bursting bloodily and not Lou back from the civil war (who appears later in the UR).
21,5 seconds longer than the theatrical cut