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Undercover Cops

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SNES Version
Region: Japan

Arcade Version
Region: USA

Release: Sep 25, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
Title Screen

The porting of the Beat 'em Up game "Undercover Cops" unfortunately was never released for home consoles outside of Japan. A comparison to the US Arcade Version shows that a few things were cnesored when the game was ported to the Japanese Super Famicom home console. The system dependent alterations of the graphics will - as usual - not be considered, we think that it is pretty much clear to everyone that Arcade Versions look better thanks to bigger sprites. Whether or not the background story was altered, we cannot tell since no one in our team can read Japanese letters. What we can tell, however, is that the characters were renamed.
At this point we want to clarify something: the Arcade came out in 1992, the Super Famicom version in 1995. This porting was done solely for the Japanese market and thus not by Nintendo of America. Still, the censorship is very similar to the typical Nintendo of America alterations.
The changes concern blood, names, skeletons, revealing clothes, smoke/fume, and characters as well as graffiti in the background.
In this regard it is even more notable that you can still light your enemies on fire with torches, or that one of the bosses can be thrown into a scrap press. The porting by the way was done very well. If you only knew it from the SNES, you will probably not even thought that it was censored. The Arcade Version offered a 3-player-mode (as was common for many other arcade machines). Also, the soundtrack is top notch, especially on the SNES!
Another short note on the game: Since November 2013, there is a download version of the game that is based on the Arcade Version!
Intro / Characters
Throughout the entire game, many characters were renamed. For example, "Balbarotch" became "Conehead" or vice versa - after all, due to the game's history it is not entirely clear which name came first. Also, it cannot be precluded that the character's background story was altered, after all, the original version clearly says "killed a man, killed by villains". Additionally, one of the screens shows several men sitting at a round table debating over the use of undercover cops. In the Arcade Version they smoke - not so on the SNES. Overall, the intro is slightly different, thus we included some screenshots of it as well.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Blood and Skeletons
All blood effects during the battles were edited out. Every now and again you will see skeletons in the background that lie on the floor or are impaled on poles. This was naturally toned down as well, thus, the skeletons are gone. It is not entirely clear why the graffiti on the wall "Work to the End - MORE WORK!!" had to be taken out. Maybe it was just too dark, so it might have been due to censorship. After all, the graffiti also included a skeleton.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Comparison of the Scrap Presses
Here you can see the differences between the defeats of one of the bosses in the respective versions. Of course you can just beat the boss up until he runs out of energy, however, the alternative is to use the scrap press to get rid of him faster. The usage of the scrap press stayed in the game - the blood, however, was taken out.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Revealing Clothes
Throughout the game, there are a few female enemies. On the Famicom, they wear slightly different clothes - probebly so that draught will not reveal too much of their breasts.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Images of the Enemies:
At the end of each level you get bonus points for each enemy you defeated. Since their faces sometimes are pretty blood-soaked in the Arcade Version, the Famicom Version instead used alternate artworks of the characters.
SNES VersionArcade Version