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  • BBFC 15
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 30, 2014 - Author: Forrest - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut UK DVD (BBFC 15) released by SODA Pictures and the uncut US DVD (not rated) released by Revolver Entertainment.

According to director Axelle Carolyn the BBFC asked for four cuts with an overall runtime of 16 seconds during the suicide sequence towards the beginning of the movie in order to get a rating. Otherwise, the movie would be banned which would mean the project's financial deathblow. The committee said that the reasons for the cut were the dangers of imitation, since the scene could be interpreted as a guide on how to commit suicide. Additionally, the scene shows the main character vertically cutting her wrists, which is a more deadly approach to kill oneself in comparison to a horizontal cut. The movie maker commented on the decisions in an angry and sarcastic way by saying:
I made a video nasty without even trying.
Carolyn, however, thought that the alterations during the opening scene changed the intention of the opening too much and romanticised the main character's suicide. AS a result, Carolyn decided to cut the scene out entirely. As a result, the movie was rated BBFC-15 in the UK.
Since the first scene happens before the opening credits, uninformed users will probably not even realize the alteration.

1 cut on the UK DVD = 148.7 sec. (NTSC)
Time Index: Cut Version (PAL)/Uncut Version (NTSC)


At the beginning of the movie, the US DVD shows the "Revolver Entertainment" logo. The UK DVD at the beginning shows a black screen a little longer.

3 sec.


The US DVD shows a sort of pre-title sequence which the UK DVD entirely misses out on.

Audrey lights a few tealights on the edges of her bathtub. She pours water into the tub and starts putting on some jewelry. Audrey looks in the mirror and then gets into the bathtub fully clothed. She reaches for a razorblade and starts cutting her right wrist. Then she does the same to her left wrist.
There is a knock at the door. A woman asks if Audrey is inside the bathroom.

Audrey slowly sinks underwater. The woman at the door and calls her name several times and tries to get in. Finally, the woman uses enough strength to break the door open. She starts pulling Audrey out of the bathtub. Then follows the title card.

148.7 sec.