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Get Carter


  • UK TV (itv4)
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 16, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK TV broadcast on itv4 on July 25, 2022 (9:00pm) and the uncut UK 4K Blu-ray from BFI (BBFC 18).
- 2 cuts
- Cut duration: 8.8 sec
Get Carter with Michael Caine from 1971 was a groundbreaking classic, still admired by fans over 50 years later. In England, the 4K UHD premiere of BFI was released on August 01, 2022, in a fancy Limited Edition with an 80-page book. Reason enough for us to once again check foreign TV broadcasts for censors.
In the USA, we can attest blur effects in several scenes with nudity and lots of audio censorship. In Great Britain, some shots with nudity in the opening sequence and the suggestion of rape were cut. Possibly both was done due to the early broadcast time.
Running time data is arranged according to the scheme
itv4 in PAL / British 4K UHD in 24fps
The introductory Warner logo was somewhat abbreviated at the beginning, at least on this broadcast.

00:45-00:47 / 00:54-01:03

The first cut comes right after the first slide image was shown on the screen. Actually, two more follow in the same shot. These also show some full frontal nudity.
Someone off-screen comments: "Bollock* naked with his socks still on?"

The British TV version recycles another shot of the projector as a substitute and then jumps to a later part of the shot.

Uncut 7 sec longer

UK TV (itv4)Uncut (UK 4K UHD)

* This passage is a good example of the chaos with US re-dubbing for parts of the film. Especially in this opening scene, the characters speak with a blatant Cockney accent. MGM had this re-dubbed for US release at the time to be on the safe side for American viewers. Unfortunately the original dub was then lost for years. In the DVD commentary, the director already briefly discusses this and on the previous Blu-rays, only the re-dubbing could be heard. On the 2022 4K UHD, however, there is again the original British sound.

In the US dub, you hear instead, "Bare-ass naked with his socks still on?"
As a non-native speaker, the author could also have sworn that you hear "butt" instead of "bollock" in the English original audio - but here, of course, we prefer to trust the subtitles.

51:06 / 53:28-53:30

At the end of the shot, Carter pushes Edna's top aside. In a short close-up, she looks scared. He covers her by taking a step towards her, so some sexual interaction is implied here.

1.8 sec

69:36 / 72:46

A little master error right after Glenda has gone naked into the bathroom. The shot of Carter laying back in bed and starting the movie starts a few frames earlier.

The nude shots as well as the film itself can be seen uncensored. This trivial master error, in the middle of a drastic scene, thus deserves a small mention. Otherwise, the British TV master has been almost frame-exactly identical.

0.4 sec

The British TV version still has a modern Warner logo after the credits.