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  • Theatrical Version
  • Alternate Version
Release: Feb 02, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version und der Alternate Version (Theatrical Version with Alternate Ending). Both versions are available on the US Blu-ray by Lionsgate.

13 differences
Length difference: 62.1 sec (= 1:02 min)

* Additional footage Theatrical Version: 4:12 min
* Additional footage Alternate Version: 5:14 min

Just to be clear: A longer Unrated Version of Leatherface does NOT exist. However, Lionsgate added a playlist to their Blu-ray release in the US which allows the opportunity to watch the uncut Theatrical Vesion including the 7 minutes of footage from the bonus section in which these 7 minutes are marked as "alternate ending". To be absolutely and 100% certain that there are no furher alterations, a detailed comparison was made. The Result: No further footage has been added. Nonetheless, the alternate ending is quite interesting actually because the fact of the matter is that parts of the added sequence are in the Theatrical Version as well - hence 13 alterations.

Other than that, the comparison might as well be of interest for people who are not familiar with the alternate ending resp. who have only seen the regular Theatrical Version. Last but not least, a word regarding the alternate ending resp. its content: The path taken is rather sinister and even though one will never know, odds are that the MPAA would not too thrilled by that footage - especially the final shot with the chainsaw in the genital area would very likely cause a problem.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version on the US Blu-ray / Alternate Version on the US Blu-ray
After Sheriff Hartman gets killed with the chainsaw and Lizzy manages to get free, the alternate sequence begins. The very first shot of her in the hallway is identically equal but one can already see that the footage originates from another source because the picture quality slightly differs:

Theatrical VersionAlternate Version

78:07-81:53 / 78:07-80:48

In the Theatrical Version, the door is being opened for her and she runs outside. Verna tells her children to do the same. But Jed follows them. In the woods, they are kind of wandering around. In the background, one can hear Jed's chainsaw. Eventually, Lizzy is being spotted and Jed starts chasing her. While running away, Lizzy gets stuck in a bear trap and tries to talk some sense into Jed. Verna shows up as well and when Lizzy then says that it was all his crazy mother's fault, he saws off her head. Verna comments he would have made his mother proud.

(Not that many screenshots because most people are already familiar with that)

In the Alternate Version, the door stays closed which is why Lizzy runs upstairs. The second door is unlocked. She enters the room and sees the grandfather sitting in his chair dead still. Verna and Jed follow her to the room, the latter then enters as well. He pulls Lizzy's hair until she is on the ground. Verna gives the kill order. The chainsaw remains right in front of Lizzy's face until Jed decides to "only" cut off her leg. Even he is shocked by the incredibly bloody result and stops the chainsaw. Lizzy screams in agonizing pain and the grandfather knocks her out with a hammer.

Theatrical Version 64.2 sec longer

Subsequently, the versions continue identically equal: Verna burns clothes and remains of the massacre. Once again, one can see the different color filter:

Theatrical VersionAlternate Version

81:57-82:03 / 80:53-81:02

Closer angle of Verna burning different clothes resp. only in the Alternate Version, she burns female clothes at the end of the scene.

Alternate Version 3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionAlternate Version

82:03-82:04 / 81:02

The subsequent shot of the pig food starts a little earlier in the Theatrical Version.

+ 1.2 sec

82:34 / 81:32-81:34

Longer tracking shot in the Alternate Version.

2.1 sec

Only in the Theatrical Version, the final track "It's over" by Patti La Salle starts playing. The Alternate Version sticks to the sinister score, also because there are further alterations.

83:01 / 82:01-82:12

The camera zooms in on Jed longer, followed by a close-up of him.

11.6 sec

83:01-83:03 / 82:12

The subsequent tracking shot starts a little earlier in the Theatrical Version.

+ 1.8 sec

83:22 / 82:31-82:34

The shot of Jed working on his mask is longer.

2.8 sec

83:31-83:34 / 82:43-82:50

In the Alternate Version, Jed looks longer at the mask he is holding. In addition to that, the Alternate Version sticks to the very same angle when he holds the masks above his shoulders which he also does a bit earlier here.
The Theatrical Version contains an additional close-up of Jed instead.

Alternate Version 3.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionAlternate Version

83:42 / 82:58-83:00

The shot of Jed looking at the mask in the light is longer.

2 sec

83:55 / 83:12-83:18

Additional shot of Jed from behind: First, he cords the mask. Then reaches for the lipstick.

5.4 sec

84:01 / 83:24-83:28

Additional shot of Jed looking at himself.

3.4 sec

84:01-84:03 / 83:28

The subsequent shot of the destroyed mirror on the other hand starts a little earlier in the Theatrical Version...

+ 2.3 sec

84:06-84:16 / 83:31-85:17

...but it is longer in the Alternate Version. From this point on, there will be one last alternate sequence until the end credits starts rolling.
At first, there is an additional close-up of Jed's mouth. Then he gets up and walks up to Lizzy hanging from a tree. Half of her face is gone but she is still alive. Jed then positions the chainsaw right between her legs. The score gets louder and then the Alternate Version fades to white.

In the Theatrical Version, one only gets to see Jed for a moment. He grabs the scissors and rams them into the mirror.

Alternate Version 97.7 sec longer