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Release: Nov 01, 2015 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Kung-Fu fan RZA gave himself a gift a few years ago when he directed The Man with the Iron Fists, a small martial arts film that even got a moderately successful theatrical run. The fans (or maybe just RZA?) asked for a sequel and that came directly to video. For that film, other stars were not asked back but the similarity to the first film is that there are two versions of the film, as well. Apart from the R-rated version, there's also an Unrated Cut. Both can be found on the US DVD and Blu-ray.

Compared to the first one where the longer version features 12 more minutes, the differences between the sequel's versions are considerably less grave. Under a minute of runtime difference can be found here and it's all in the violence department.

1 new scene, 6 scenes with alternate material = 51 seconds
A fighter loses his leg. The R-Rated shows the previous (more harmless) shot from before instead.
No time difference

In the Unrated Cut, the following shot has a lot of digital blood effects that are missing in the R version.
No time difference

UR: beheading, R: previous (more harmless) shot.
No time difference

Another one, same procedure.
No time difference

Only the UR shows briefly what a mess is on the floor. The R-Rated again uses the following shot longer so that the runtime is the same.
No time difference

The final action scene is prolonged in the UR. A few additional action shots and some amputations are included here, in slow motion and celebrated in detail like the end scene with the head.
51 seconds

The R-Rated shows the guy exploding and follows with blood and small body parts. However, unlike the UR, it omits how a torn-off arm falls to the ground.
No time difference