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US Box Set of Season 3 with the Producer's Cuts

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3.01 Antipasto


  • TV Version
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Jan 20, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored TV Version (UK Blu-ray, identical to the US premier on NBC at 06/11/2015) and the uncensored Producer's Cut (US Blu-ray by Lionsgate).

- 1 alteration
- No difference in running time

Just like the two previous season of the cancelled show Hannibal, there are several episodes that required some alterations for US TV (which are also the versions sold to other countries). While there was a bare-bones UK release containing the TV Version several months ago, the US Blu-ray contains 7 episodes marked as "Producer's Cut". And contrary to the UK release, the US Blu-ray contains a lot of bonus features.
Episode 1 ("Antipasto") contains a prime example of the absurd US censoring practices. Again, a genital area was covered up, but this time it was da Vinciís Vitruvian Man, a piece of art which has been famous for centuries, that fell victim it.
The rather harmless bits of violence in the episode were not touched, the same applies to the sexual overtones between Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson.

Before Hannibal folds the picture to an Origami, da Vinciís Vitruvian Man can be seen in all its glory. For the TV Version, its groin was made undiscernible.

TV VersionProducer's Cut