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original title: La Vita bella


  • US Version / Netflix
  • Original Italian Theatrical Version
Release: Apr 22, 2016 - Author: Cruel_Hides - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version (Netflix) and the Original Italian Theatrical Version (German DVD by Universum Film).

Besides a different intro, the Netflix Version lacks some humorous elements that make Guido look a little goofier. In addition to that, the entire subplot regarding Ferrucio's attempt to read his poems to the publisher.
Except for the end credits, the cut regarding Josue's birth is identical.

If not mentioned otherwise, the additional footage is only in the DVD Version. The time index refers to the DVD Version.

22 cuts = 682 seconds
The DVD Version contains a simple Miramax logo and the Buena Vista Germany logo.
The Netflix Version contains a different Miramax logo plus there is a Cecchi Gori Group logo.
The Netflix Version is longer.
14 sec resp. 27 sec

Only the Netflix Version contains a scene showing Guido with Josue at the concentration camp. Since the entire scene is quite foggy, it is hard to determine what exactly is going on here.
27 sec

Guido shows his uncle what to do with dirty dishes, how he should behave when guests ask for the wine list and what kind of glasses must be served.
18 sec

With his Schopenhauer technique, Guido is bugging Ferrucio so freaking much that at the end of the scene, the latter gets up to kill the light.
43 sec

Ferrucio spots the publisher Guicciardini in the marketplace. He intends to present his poems. But since those are still at his house, Guido intends to stall while Ferrucio is rushes back to get them.
In this scene, Guido also gets his head back he snatched from the cushion guy. When Ferrucio returns out of breath, he explains he did not have the keys so the poems needed to be handed in later. At the end of the scene, Guido daydreams about his poems being published. Meanwhile, Ferrucio is still catching his breath.
118 sec

Guido makes another attempt to "surprise" Dora and the other teacher by running around the Palazzo. Ferrucio, who is still out of breath, is with him. After arriving too late in the first allay, the try the second one. Having arrived, they both need to catch their breath.
However, the scenes of them looking after the teachers is in both versions. The problem is with the prevous footage missing, it remains unclear why both of them are out of breath.
70 sec

As non-Arian, Roberto has to take a seat in the last row. The following shot, which is in both versions, shows two kids changing seats.
8 sec

Guido presents the Arian leg which makes Dora smile.
44 sec

At the end of the opera, Dr. Lessing tries to tell Guido the answer to the problem but he pretends he could not hear him due to the sound level in the room. But he is already aware that he is going to get the answer to the problem when he encounters the doc again.
28 sec

Guido has the hiccups because he is being forced to do something he does not want to do. To the question what would make him happy, he says chocolate ice, a stroll or two with the woman of his dreams could do the trick. With the following shot of the accident, the versions are back in sync.
28 sec

Guido gives the ostrich egg to his uncle. When doing so, he finds out that an engagement was going to be celebrated.
34 sec

Guido bows down before Rodolfo so that he can't recognize him.
34 sec

Dora's coversation with her mother starts earlier.
Her mom tells her she would never ever speak to her if she did not get up immediately. Dora explains her head was spinning but her mom does not care. Instead she says she could not make an appearance anywhere anymore if Dora would not show up that night. Dora repeats that her head was spinning and says that maybe she should get some more sleep. Dora adds her mom should come back in an hour. Her mother can't believe that Dora was serious.
21 sec

Guido keeps avoiding Rodolfo.
12 sec

Ferrucio and the Guicciardini at the clebration. Guido appears, Ferrucio tells Guido she liked the poems.
50 sec

More footage of Dora searching for Guido among the dancing couples getting in position. In the middle of the pan shot, the Netflix Version is back in the game. But at the end of the shot, the Netflix Version sticks longer with Dora.
2 sec

The dancing scene is longer. To be more specific, the distance shot is longer before the close-ups of the other dancing guests.
37 sec

Rodolfo's speech is longer. He says the only time they were not together was during the military service.
6 sec

In the Netflix Version, Guido only stumbles once. Over a chair, to be exact. In the DVD Version, he already stumbled twice while being surrounded by guests. The dance of the engaged couple follows while Guido pulls himself together and picks up the things he dropped. After seeing the engaged couple dance, he stumbles again. This is the point at which the Netflix Version is back in the game.
61 sec

The prefect congratulates Dora to the engagement.
10 sec

Guido's entrance is longer and cut differently. At first, we only see Ferrucio who gets startled and drops the countess's dog. Then a close-up of Guido waving at Dora and a further shot of Dora who seems to be delighted.
4 sec

During the end credits, the DVD Version shows Josue's rejoicing pose. The Netflix Version has already faded to black.