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Black Emanuelle 2

original title: Emanuelle Nera No. 2


  • Italian Version
  • US DVD
Release: Jun 24, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian Version (German DVD by X-Rated / not rated) and the Uncut US Version by Severin (not rated)

Typical Italian SC porn from the 70s that wanted a slice of the pie because the Emanuelle movies with Laura Gemser were really successful at that time. The chicks are pretty hot but a little more nudity wouldn't be bad plus the actual movie is just trivial and not really worth watching.

In Germany, the VHS release was cut (I don't know whether the movie was cut in theaters as well). The German label X-Rated released the uncut version with a decent quality in 2003. But the US DVD, released by Severin in 2007, proofs differently. Two erotic scenes are longer in the US Version. But it's more than likely that the German DVD is based on the Italian Master (which also suits with the Italian opening and final credits). Furthermore the German DVD contains the two missing scenes as deleted scenes in the bonus stuff.

Many thanks to Mr. White for supporting me with the US Version.
00:00 The beginning of the US Version contains an additional logo.
25 sec

38:29 Film tear: the end of a shot is missing.
2.5 sec

47:15 Extended shot of Emanuelle making out with the blond chick. Emanuelle also sits on an armchair.
20.5 sec

67:08 The Italian Version lacks the entire sex scene with Emanuelle, the blond chick and Simon, the beefcake. But the scene is pretty harmless, there are no juice details anyway. Last but not least a shot of Simon. He grabs Emanuelle and puts her on his lap. She's so horny that she starts moaning immediately.
121 sec

83:39 The final credits of the Italian Version are in Italian (what a surprise), the background is blue. The US Version on the other hand contain English-written credits, the background is black plus the US Version is approx. 3 sec longer here.