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Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars

original title: Xia ri fu xing


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Taiwanese Version
Release: Aug 22, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: causa45 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the regular HK Theatrical Version, in form of the current German DVD and the Taiwanese Version, in form of the French DVD, which contains this version as bonus.

The continuation of the film "My Lucky Stars" was released in a longer version in Taiwan. The French DVD contains this version as bonus. The quality is not worthy for a DVD release, but rather good. Small disadvantage: The film is only watchable in Mandarin and with fixed French captions.

Some smaller scenes, that made for less than a second, have not been included in this report.

Length German DVD: 91.03 Min
Length French DVD (Taiwanese version): 102.51 Min
Scenes of war, mass-agitation and other scenes can be seen at the beginning. In the Taiwanese version, there are more scenes to different points.
in total 40 Sec

Note: The Taiwanese long version lacks the green credits of the regular version in this intro sequence. Also, interestingly, Raymond Chow gets the first producer credit (instead of Cho Yun-Ok).

Rawhide works out on the stairs. Bonehead comes by with strange dislocations. Rawhide gives him a kick. Bonehead complains and moves along while doing strange exercises.
25 Sec

The Breakfast scene occurs differently in the two versions.

Normal version:
Herb explains Kevin in the German version, what the boys like. He gives them one plate after the other and explains them, that he can supply them effortless with Pepsi. The "Lucky Stars" come to table short time afterwards. All of them open the bottles with their mouth and splash each other up, but especially Kevin.
Length HK: 62 Sec

Taiwanese Version:
Herb comes in with Breakfast, gives Kevin each plate and tells him which food is preferred. Kevin puts too much spice on each meal, which Herb gives him one after another. However, Herb wants to eat by one of these meals by himself. Kevin tries to stop him, but it's to late. Herb spits out everything and complains to Kevin. Kevin leaves. Herb tries his luck on a second plate, on which Kevin put too much spice on as well. He spits once again and screams after Kevin while swinging a knife. Cut. They all sit on the table. Kevin has a knife in his chest. They all look rotatory to Kevin and then to Herb. He tries to defend himself until they find out that it was only a joke. They all sing a song as if they would say a prayer and close their eyes. Everybody but Kevin opens their eyes and continue singing. They all take their food and throw it in Kevins Face once they are finished with singing.
The Taiwanese version goes effectively longer.
Length Taiwanese: 175 Sec

The short scene with Rawhide and Bonehead, in which Bonehead acts like he didn't hear the ringing, differs in both version as well. The content stays the same, though. The Taiwanese version goes a little longer.
- Sec

Pictures HK

Pictures Taiwanese

Babara can be seen a little longer.
1,5 Sec

The scene goes on after the sentence "that'll be fun". First of all, they play with their seats so that the rest keeps wagging forth and back. 4 Lucky Stars run after a girl while she goes to the restroom. After the girl comes back from the toilet, they all move close to her in order to feel her breasts. The second girl goes to the toilet. She, however, tucks her elbow in the bellies of the first two. The others let her pass speechlessly. They all go back to their place after that. Fastbuck tries to touch the woman's hand in a shy manner, but she looks to him shortly before he does it. He decides not to touch her.
79 Sec

After Fastbuck trots away slowly from the beach, one may see Babara for a longer time.
2,5 Sec

Rawhide can be seen longer.
1 Sec

The Lucky Stars talk longer about the "great business" in order to fool the girls to think that they are business men and to impress them.
36 Sec

The group can be seen longer.
2 Sec

There is an additional scene with Fastbuck. He admits his love to Barbara once again.
63 Sec

Sandy has a longer conversation with the sailor.
5 Sec

Sandy can be seen for a longer time.
1 Sec

A police meeting follows after all gangsters have been arrested. The chief presents pictures of the killers which seem to be around Hongkong. They are advised to protect a person called Lau Yam-yu. The officer are surprised and ask the chief whether this is a joke (as the person is a criminal). He orders them to follow his command.
122 Sec

The guy with the strange hair style says some more words.
18 Sec

The scene with Sandy, Bonehead and her puppet goes longer.
10 Sec

Fastbuck puzzles.
3 Sec

Kevin looks in a strange way for a longer time.
2 Sec

Rawhide talks a little longer.
4 Sec

Muscles and his partner discuss longer. Muscles Partner says, that if he doesn't like to protect the gangster, then he should quit the job. Muscles says this would not work. He tries to persuade his partner to a game but he doesn't want to.
24 Sec

The henchman says: "Don't worry, everything is planned ahead."
3 Sec

The cars can be seen longer.
2 Sec

After the beatings, Muscles doesn't get up right away. He stares around the corner, takes a breath and then gets back up again.
4 Sec

Chi-Chi calls back the Lucky Stars.
6 Sec

Fastbucks keeps talking with Amy. He doesn't like the question on the form, whether he is married or not. Sandy comes to Amy as well and they discuss about his given data about the study costs and his school education. They all join the group at last. Amy leaves the scene in a nerved mood. The others follow her.
77 Sec

The scene, where everybody plays her theater play goes longer in the Taiwanese version.
8 Sec

The Lucky Stars can be seen another time.
6 Sec

The killer puts on a pair of gloves. After that, he puts together his rifle.
26 Sec

The killer goes away from the window.
1,5 Sec