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Shawscope Vol. 2 Blu-ray Box (US edition)


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Thelma & Louise

The Last Starfighter

So I Married An Axe Murderer


Mad Monkey Kung Fu

original title: Feng Hou


  • BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Dec 01, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut UK version (BBFC 15) and the original uncut version (both included on the UK/US Blu-ray from Arrow Video).

- 3 cuts with a duration of 15.2 sec
- UK version: 115:18 min / US version: 115:33 min

In late 2021, Arrow Video released the "Shawscope Vol. 1" box set in the UK/USA, which included 12 films from the legendary Hong Kong film studios. In addition to 5 legacy HD masters from licensor Celestial, there were 7 new HD restorations here that did not have the infamous framecuts that can be found in most of Celestial's catalog. In several reports, exemplified by the comparison to The Five Venoms, where other reports for titles in the box are also linked. Since November 21, 2022 (UK) and December 06, 2022 (USA) respectively, the "Shawscope Vol. 2" box is now available. This time there are even 14 films on board, with 9 of them in new HD restorations without framecuts.

This time we start the corresponding report series with Mad Monkey Kung Fu, included on Disc 3. This one is roughly 1.5 minutes longer in the new restoration than the previous Celestial HD master, but more on that later. First in focus here is another oddity, as this is the only film in the box set that had to be censored in the UK due to BBFC requirements. A scene of animal violence in which a monkey is treated nastily was cut. The trims are a bit noticeable, but in principle still tolerable.

However, fortunately Arrow Video created the disc the same way as it was done with e.g. The Flying Guillotine 2 or The Grand Duel: The Uncut version is also included on the same disc and in players with Code A (America) it plays, while players with Code B (UK and e.g. Germany) show the censored version. So either way, those with a codefree option will get to "enjoy" the uncut version.

Note: The cover above shows the British VHS from Made in Hong Kong. This was apparently censored by a few more seconds, and is here only to give a rough idea that this is a BBFC cut version.

Running time details are arranged according to the scheme
British Blu-ray version in 23.976fps / American Blu-ray version in 23.976fps

32:44 / 32:44-32:53

The scene outside begins earlier with a close-up of the bad guy roughly grabbing Chan's monkey and twirling it through the air by the chain. A short threat follows and Chan asks to let go of the monkey.

8.5 sec

32:52 / 33:00-33:05

When Chan is thrown to the ground, the monkey is put above him in the same shot, so that Chan is startled. In another wide shot, we see the bad guy continuing to twirl it around as Chan begs for it to stop.

4.4 sec

32:53 / 33:06-33:09

After a brief close-up of Chan, we see a final long shot of the monkey being hurled through the air and slowly towards the tree.
(How a monkey is smashed bloodily against the tree in close-up and dies directly afterwards, can be seen again, as obviously a dummy was used for this part of the scene.)

2.3 sec

Packshot of the UK Blu-ray box:

Cover of the British VHS (even a bit more censored):