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  • BBFC 15 Blu-ray
  • International Version (US Blu-ray)
Release: Sep 16, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored British BBFC 15 Blu-ray by Arrow Video and the uncensored American Blu-ray by Arrow Video (identical disc with different film selection depending on region code)

- One cut
- Runtime difference: 4,6 sec


In the comparison of the international version of the recommendable Italo western The Grand Duel, we have already summarized the essential version backgrounds in more detail. On 6 May 2019, Arrow Video released the film in Great Britain and the US, by the way with a 15-minute video featurette on all additional moments of the German extended version - including a thank you note to – our German main site. The background here was that only the international version has been preserved as an HD scan. The label also wanted to present the buyers of the new Blu-ray any additional material from the German version in detail. For that purpose, they consulted with us. The end result is a praiseworthy compromise.

Against the BBFC, however, they were somewhat powerless and so a short scene with a horse fall had to be censored for the British version. Without knowledge of the spot, the cut was not conspicuous, and one can quite cope with it. And curiously enough, even buyers in Great Britain with a Code A option can enjoy the uncensored, international version. The disc is identical for UK & US and thus contains both video streams, whereby the film automatically runs uncut with Code A setting and in the censored form with Code B. The disc is not censored for the Code A setting.

Thanks to Arrow Video for providing the comparison material!


Runtimes are ordered as follows:
British Blu-ray from Arrow Video / American Blu-ray from Arrow Video
Note: In contrast to the HD master provided to us in advance, the original opening credits running in red from bottom right to left were replaced by the English export version. This also applies to the end credits (last comparison picture).

HD-Master ScreenerBritish/American Blu-ray

19:37 / 19:37-19:41

After having seen Philipp crouching behind a rock, the baddies come riding past and fire several shots. As a result, a horse without a rider falls to the ground.

4.6 sec