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Wheels on Meals

original title: Faai Caan Ce


  • Taiwanese VHS
  • British Blu-ray / German Blu-ray
Release: Jun 06, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the cut taiwanese VHS from Vidi and the uncut British Blu-ray from Eureka! Entertainment (the latter is the equivalent of the German Blu-ray, except that it offers a new 2K master)

- 11 cuts
- Cutting time: 438.4 sec (= 7:18 min)

A few additional master-source errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.

Wheels on Meals) is without question one of the great classics among the Jackie Chan movies. There's no need to lose any words about the rubbish German title (Powerman), with which several films in the Lucky Stars series were made successors - in any case, these titles have in common that Jackie Chan appears alongside his two Peking Opera brothers Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Highlights of Hong Kong cinema in the 80s. The German version of the film was released in an largely uncut version, only a few master-source errors were to be complained about in some releases.

The british Blu-ray from Eureka! is a real qualitative upgrade. While most of the earlier Blu-ray releases (including the German Dragon Edition) contained only an SD upscale, this one is based on a new 2K restoration. Previously there was already a HD master of the slightly different Japanese version released in 2014 for the Japanese market, but here Japanese subtitles were burned-in. Shortly before the Eureka release, a Scandinavian Blu-ray set with several Jackie Chan movies in the same new 2K/4K restorations was released as well. However, the compression here is worse than the British Blu-ray. Qualitatively, one can still refer to the review for the UK Blu-ray.

In Jackie Chan's filmography there are many exclusive Asian versions, especially Japan often stood out. Taiwan, on the other hand, was a well-known shopping source for genre fans, for movies like John Woo's The Killer or Jet Li's Black Mask. Among Jackie's movies, The young master with a Taiwanese alternative version stood out. Accordingly there was also hope for the Taiwanese VHS version of Wheels on Meals, which runs about 10 minutes less. This also turned out to be a similar disappointment as the Spanish Blu-ray: Yes, the version is cut, but no, you can't discover new exclusive material. A corresponding search can be saved for die-hard fans.

Runtime data are arranged according to the following scheme
Taiwanese VHS - NTSC / British Blu-ray
Fortune Star hint at the beginning of the British Blu-ray.
Not included in the cut duration/quantity.

35.4 sec

Partial re-cutting
04:39 or 10:21-15:36 / 05:15-12:30

After the first steps on the road the Taiwan version is missing a big story block: First the butler asks Jackie for the way and it leads him in the wrong direction. Then Yuen accidentally pours a bucket full of dirtwater into a policeman's face. The poor policeman dry wipes himself with an oily cloth and whereupon is mocked by his colleagues.

Finally the complete introduction of Sammo is missing, who is supposed to take over the office from his boss and then gets a visit from the butler. This part will be inserted in the Taiwan version shortly after the scene on the market place - not illustrated / time withdrawn.

Original version 120,1 sec (= 2:00 min) longer

21:59 / 24:35-24:38

A first shot of the waiting Sylvia.
Obviously a mistake in the original master, because the markings in the image indicate a movie reel change in the Taiwan version and these markings as well as the subsequent image are slightly longer.

2.7 sec

22:04 / 24:43-24:50

Same reason: A jumpcut shortly afterwards, during the conversation between Jackie and Yuen.

7.3 sec

28:08 / 30:54-34:07

After Jackie and his pals have made their way inside, there is a longer scene with Sammo: He only wants to talk briefly inside a bar, but is repeatedly persuaded to drink. On his way out he allows himself some fun with the waiter (he flirts on the phone and gives him the phone at the end with the words "your wife").

192.4 sec (= 3:12 min)

34:29 / 40:29

Before Lorna makes an offering for sleep, you see Jackie insignificantly longer.

0.7 sec

39:25 / 45:25-46:45

Before the disco scene, there is an additional meeting between Sammo and the butler. The former complains and gets an envelope with a lot more money. He is quickly persuaded to keep looking for Sylvia.

79,6 sec (= 1:20 min)

43:32-43:33 / 50:52-50:54

Possibly the next movie-reel change: after the disco scene, a brief moment of an blackscreen in the taiwanese version. The beginning of the first shot outside is missing.

British Blu-ray 1.5 sec longer

56:08 / 63:30-64:00

Some more chase footage in town.

29.7 sec

66:25 / 74:16-74:18

The butler hangs upside down a bit earlier.

1.5 sec

80:03 / 87:56-87:58

Jumpcut at the beginning of the shot. We see a thug eating in his cell.

2 sec

89:48 / 97:43-97:44

When Jackie gets a slap in the face and Sammo emerges from the stairs, there is one last minor master-error.

1 sec

Finally, a small image comparison. The Taiwanese VHS is zoomed, but offers some more picture information above and below. The Vidi logo is faded in over long stretches of the tape, sometimes briefly away. In addition, subtitles are burned-in.

Taiwanese VHSBritische Blu-ray