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  • International Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Sep 15, 2020 - Author: BFG97 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Anna and the Apocalypse - From short to feature film

In 2017, director John McPhail delivered a slightly different Christmas movie, Anna and the Apocalypse, based on the short film Zombie Musical by Ryan McHenry, who was not allowed to witness the on-screen adaptation of his idea as he died in 2015.

Anna and the Apocalypse is the slightly different Christmas movie, because it is a zombie comedy on the one hand and on the other hand it is quite rigorous with its characters. Moreover, the film changes from a quite cheerful coming-of-age comedy by means of drastic measures into a dark zombie movie, which has no room for festive joy anymore. The gloomy atmosphere is not only underlined by melancholic vocal interludes, which always perfectly fit the respective emotional state of the characters, but also by the very good acting of all participants. First and foremost, we must mention Ella Hunt as Anna and Paul Kaye as the mad teacher Savage, who engage in an entertaining exchange of blows that finally culminates in a tragic finale that sweeps away the entire festive atmosphere.

The Extended Cut offers up some major differences

As announced in November 2019, the extended cut of the film was released in the UK on Blu-ray, which is also available in Australia, together with the international theatrical version. The original theatrical version was extended by almost nine minutes and offers new scenes as well as alternative footage or simply changed angles, which sometimes reveal more of the scene and rarely less.

In the first part of the film, the changes are mostly limited to short scenes, while in the second part, with the onset of the zombie apocalypse, there are major differences. For example, there is a completely new song to watch, or a revelation of the true side of Savage that does not exist in the theatrical version, which makes the film and the character look even darker and more evil. Unfortunately, these are relatively few changes, which are very significant but still fall under the mass of the less significant ones. So you have to decide for yourself whether you need the extended cut or not, as there is no clear recommendation for it. For fans of the harder stuff, there is little more to see, although the theatrical version itself already includes some harder and mainly handmade effects.

Beside these two versions, there is also another, shorter version, which relieves the movie of some scenes, especially in the songs, but which is only available in the US. This version is the weakest version of the film because the songs are a driving force in the film and enrich rather than impair it. In the end, Anna and the Apocalypse has become a stirring musical that has brought a breath of fresh air into the meanwhile rather worn-out zombie genre and convinces with great actors and a gloomy atmosphere.

Compared are the international version and the Extended Cut (both included on the UK Blu-ray of Second Sight Films).

- 99 differences
- Runtime difference 526,61sec (=8:46Min)

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Int. cut

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The drawn credits of the international version are used in the Extended Cut as opening credits for the introduction of the actors and a different song is played for background music. The international version offers two more scenes, probably for spoiler reasons.



The blue car is being overhauled.



The city can be seen.





Int. cut

Before we get to see Anna, John can be seen eating.



When Anna's father says that she needs a break, we see two different shots.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


The unbelieving Anna and her horrified father can be seen before her confession.



Once again Anna, shocked by her father's reaction. Then there is another short view of the car.



After John has thanked Anna's father, he can be seen again.


EC: 04:47Min
Int. cut: 02:59Min

Steph says two different things to her friend on the phone.
EC "You know I can't afford to fly out to my parents' place."
Int. Cut "My parents went to Mexico, so I'm all alone".

no time difference


Probably not recognizable, but John's cup lands once in front of the counter and once in front of the front door, because in both cases it misses the trash can.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Steph from two different perspectives.

Extended Cutinternational Version


And again different perspectives.

Extended Cutinternational Version

Int. cut

In the international version, Steph says one more small sentence:
Steph:"With all due respect, Mr. Savage...


Int. cut

Once again, the international version has one more dialog line to offer.
Savage:"Headmaster Gill is all but gone.

no time difference

EC: 06:27Min
Int. cut: 04:53Min

Savage pesters the kissing teenagers from two different perspectives.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Before Anna takes her flight ticket out of her locker, she strokes thoughtlessly across the map of Australia.



In the EC, Steph can be seen a little longer, as can Anna. Josh on the other hand is only visible from a different perspective and gets some more lyrics.

Extended Cutinternational Version


Anna can be seen longer after she was called.


Int. cut

Lisa comes running towards Anna earlier.


EC: 11:15Min
Int. cut: 09:25Min

Again a change of perspective.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Anna tells Lisa that she told her father about the Australia trip and he was not really happy about it. During the following hug, Lisa's dress tears. When Savage starts to speak, different figures can be seen.

Extended Cutinternational Version

Int. cut

Now you can also see the part with the tearing dress, although it doesn't quite match the action here.



Savage struts longer across the stage.


Int. cut

The missing magician is still calling:
"Here, Sir!"

no time difference


Anna gives Steph one more tip

Anna: "Locksmith?"
Steph:" I have no cash."


EC: 20:08Min
Int. cut: 17:58Min

How Steph apologizes to Anna is filmed from different perspectives.

Extended Cutinternational Version

Int. cut

The building with the zombie walking towards it can be seen longer.



Anna's father and Savage talk about the show for a longer time. The end of the dialogue is again backed by two different scenes.

Extended Cutinternational Version


For reasons that are not obvious, this was mirrored here.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Anna stares longer at her cell phone.



Anna can be seen for a longer time.


Int. cut

And again more Anna.


EC: 34:57Min
Int. cut: 32:32Min

When Anna and Josh discover that neither of them has seen their parents in the morning, different scenes are shown again.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Anna turns away longer.



And again a mini cut.


EC: 35:19Min
Int. cut: 32:51Min

Once again, different perspectives are used.

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


Anna looks again at the severed head.



The abandoned swing gets more screentime.



Josh takes longer to open the banana.



Savage is allowed to be generous by explaining to those present that everyone will receive a caramel bar and drinks at half price.



Who would have thought it...another perspective

no time difference
Extended Cutinternational Version


In the international version, Chris' grandmother can be seen with Lisa for a little longer. In return, the extended cut offers a completely new dialogue between Savage and Anna's father about whether or not to open the doors to possible survivors. This dialogue quickly develops into a song between the two opponents. Afterwards, there are impressions of the empty bowling center.


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