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  • Universal DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 29, 2017 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The situation regarding this thriller about some blackmailer who detonates bombs on rollercoasters is quite interesting. At some point after its theatrical release, the movie has to have been censored and as a consequence thereof, only said censored version was distributed and released from that point on. Unfortunately, any DVD release worldwide only contains the censored version. The differences are being kept within a limit resp. the length difference is only a few seconds though. A shame, really, but the censored version is quite enjoyable as well.

Compared are the German DVD by Universal and the German VHS (First Edition) by CIC. The latter does contain the original version but there are numerous jump cuts with a length of 1 second or less. In addition to that, it is in full screen "to fit the screen". Furthermore, there are two bigger missing plot scenes - probably further jump cuts.
Missing shot of a victim that fell out of the rollercoaster.
1 sec

Two more shots of the dead and wounded.
3 sec

The tape here lacks a rather long plot scene. Agent Hoyd gives first instructions to Harry how to proceed.
55 sec

And again, the tape lacks some dialog.
8 sec

When the assassin gets killed by the rollercoaster, the tape contains a small close-up of the assassin's face (1 sec). On DVD, the subsequent shot of Harry starts earlier instead.
no difference

left: CIC Video / right: Universal DVD